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  1. Sorry, but in my opinion definitely no! You can play on the Arcade Server. There is no speed limit. I think 110 is perfect for the bigger part of the community.
  2. Ich denke damit sie auf dem Weg zum Auftrag geschützt sind. Oder vielleicht sind es keine Helme und sie sehen nur so aus
  3. Of course, can´t drive without. I use Spotify and control it with my StreamDeck.
  4. The screenshots on the blog are amazing. So much details and landmarks. But same as AlmightyOndrej, i´m more excited about Promods for TMP. I think the new DLC will have so much assets and objects, so we can see them later in newer ProMods versions. I´m looking forward to the future.
  5. Rene Sneipa... Rene is my first name and Sneipa comes from... Homo Sapiens written backwards: Sneipas Omoh, but SneipaSomoh sounds better. SnEiPaSoMoH was a long time my nick in shooter games. For two years now i only use „Sneipa“ because i like it. Online is Rene my first name and Sneipa my virtual surname... „Rene Sneipa“
  6. I also think a lot of players are returning to play promods. For example: 5000 now and when ProMods is released there will be 2500 on promods server and 3500 on the other servers...
  7. Rene Sneipa

    TMP Promods

    ProMods is a complete rework of the entire map with a lot of more cities and new countries. Much more detail and more challenging.
  8. Rene Sneipa

    TMP Promods

    For my information after the stream yesterday: they will start with an additional Server with 2500 slots. Then see if they have to increase the slots and if the server can handle the players. You can use your profile but its better to have one profile for promods and one for vanilla map.
  9. Rene Sneipa

    TMP Promods

    A dream is becoming true... I know exactly 2-3 years ago: I wanna drive a convoy on ProMods! I´m so excited to explore the whole map. Singleplayer get´s rly fast boring but i know the quality of ProMods. How they have done my hometown is mindblowing. So much details on that tiny spot. Thank you TruckersMP... there will be 1000 hours and Million more kilometers coming.
  10. Yes you can do this in TMP without any problems. You only have to connect your Profile to WorldofTrucks and choose the right contracts.
  11. No it´s not. It´s for me the best truck. Every player has his own opinion. And i would say maybe it´s the best truck because it´s the best for the most players
  12. Ok, Duisburg ist naja... ich würde die Stadt komplett vermeiden wegen genau dieser Werkstatt. Aufjedenfall dann wenn man Ärger aus dem Weg gehen möchte. Wenn man dort fahren möchte muss man sich darauf einlassen regelmäßig ein Speicherstand zu erstellen und diesen ggf. laden. Map-Änderungen seitens TruckersMP wird es recht unwahrscheinlich geben. Eventuell wird aber Duisburg in einer der kommenden Updates seitens SCS und dem Deutschland-Rework überarbeitet. Würde mich nicht überraschen wenn solche Brennpunkte mit entfernt werden oder die Ausfahrt genauso wie in vielen anderen Städten verlängert wird.
  13. I really like the new physics. I have my settings for truck stability on 0.2 and trailer stability also on 0.2. Question for a real trucker: is stability on 0.0 100 percent realistic ? In my opinion the truck tilts to easy to the side.
  14. Scania S due the possibilities of tuning. In my opinion the new Scania S has also a great performance.
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