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  1. Hello, i have now fixed this issue. The form does not collect your E-Mail Address automatically, it will ask you to choose "E-Mail" or "TruckersMP Forums", if you select E-Mail, you then enter your E-Mail. Thank you.
  2. Thank you for pointing this out, i will fix the forms.
  3. Free Signatures / Backgrounds What is this? Hello, this Topic is about Signatures/Backgrounds for your TruckersMP Profile on the Forums. I am making Custom-Made Signatures & Backgrounds for people who would like to have one. What is the Signature/Background limit per person? There is no specific limit, but please be thoughtful of others. For Example: Let's say i have to make you 3 Backgrounds and 5 Signatures, I would not have the time to make someone else just 1 Signature and 1 Background. How do i get my Signature/Background? 1. First, select your Favorite Image. 2. Then, Select your Favorite Font. 3. Lastly, Go to This Form, and Submit your Request. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: I would like to apologize, but anyone who has Requested a Signature/Background will have to Re-Enter there Request as i forgot to import a question that is Highly Necessary.
  4. An Anime wolf with mostly purple fur, and a red nose.
  5. Unbanned for unbanning the person who unbanned me.
  6. Banned because that isn't my Name, and because most of my "Name" is in CAPS, not all of them.
  7. Banned because you aren't sure if you live in the UK or not.
  8. Banned for having a Simpsons Profile Picture in a Trucking Forum.
  9. Congratulations!! You have Guessed one of the Right Words!
  10. Google it, it is a real word. XD Antidisestablishmentarianism
  11. Hello, this bug happens with Every Player, depending on the Scenerio. This bug is known to cause Vehicles to what i call "Dead-Stop", but i will get to that in a second. Here is an Example of how the bug occurs: Driver 1 & Driver 2 are driving on the Same Road, Same Direction, going 40+ MPH. Driver 1 is in the Front, and Driver 2 is in the Back. If Driver 2's Vehicle even so touches Driver 1's Vehicle/Trailer, Driver 2 "Dead-Stops", meaning Driver 2's Vehicle AND (if applied) Trailer Stop in the blink of an eye where Driver 2 goes from 40+ MPH to 0 MPH. And often causing tons of damage to Driver 2's Vehicle (Sometimes Trailer). HOW TO RE-CREATE IN-GAME? When you drive behind someone & you crash/touch the back of the driver in front of you, this bug will occur nearly 100% of the time. NOTE: Driver 1 will usually take NO damage, if any 1% - 5%. But that is Rare. This has been a bug ever since TruckersMP has Launched. And this bug ONLY occurs on TruckersMP's Multiplayer, if you start Euro Truck Simulator 2, and crash/touch the back of an A.I. driver, then this bug will not occur.
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