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  1. Happy Birthday :)

  2. Multy

    ETS2 2019

    I think we get the new TGX Euro 6 and the Renault T. And maybe a new tuning DLC.
  3. I really like the american trucks so i like the Kenworth.
  4. I don´t think its an cool idea. Whats the point of sitting with some random guy in an truck?
  5. I thing that TMP will get to the end of the year a really big community. I mean if SCS is releasing there own MP what i guess will take them a few years.
  6. Euro Truck Simulator 2. More map content. More trucks. etc..
  7. Mostly i type while driving. I got a steering wheel so its really easy to type while driving.
  8. Really simple. You can customize your truck. You can do wahtever you want. You can make the truck as you like it. I mean if you look to the mercedes. You can litterly nearly nothing to customize. Thats why i like the Tuning DLC and the trucks.
  9. Multy

    New lightbar

    Its not an suggestion BlackEagle. I discuss the thema
  10. Multy

    New lightbar

    Hey, What would you think of some new lightbars? I think we havent many lightbars. I would love to have some painted lightbars and even a lightbar with some free slots for horn etc. What are you thinking of?
  11. I would like to see Renault Range T .
  12. Multy

    Truck or car?

    For sure truck. I don´t like the car. Bad handling and the sound
  13. I really love the Scania. And with the tuning DLC its so amazing. Second is DAF. I like it to but i only like the DAF XF. I also got a DAF tuning for it.
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