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  1. I personally don't really have any issues/problems with using the TAB menu to report people in game. But if I'm not wrong when you report someone you need to select the reasoning for reporting him. I don't see how you would get that implemented into the /preport function
  2. Congratulations!

    1. super37s


      thank you ❤️

  3. I mean I don't really see the point about telling people you are recording them and reporting them. I normally say nothing if I recorded someone breaking a rule. As they will see from the popup whether or not they got banned.
  4. I think it's fine at 4500 people. Even tho it might be nice to have bigger servers I think they won't make a lot of a difference.
  5. I like the idea of having driving lessons (would have helped me also when i joined lol). But I think it would be really hard to manage as there could be a lot of newcomers. And to manage all those driving tests/lessons you'll need a lot of extra staff or people who can do them.
  6. I presonally hope they will renew the UK after they completed renewing Germany. As that would hopefully give a whole new experience on driving in the UK.
  7. That's awesome news. I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks to everyone in the Dev team
  8. If I'd use my shifter I always used a 6-speed gearbox. But now that my shifter is broken I always use a 12-speed gearbox as I don't have to shift gears anyways.
  9. I think it looks beautifull definitely with the new lightning. everyone should check it out
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