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  1. Hi, I have a question: I bought a G29 a couple of weeks ago and it's now making a high pitch noise when steering to the left? Anyone knows what to do?

  2. Gave this guide to one of my friends that didn't knew anything about traffic rules. And with your perfect guide he now understands all the traffic rules. Big thank you
  3. Hello, You can always make a ticket on the website and a support member will do his best to solve you issue. https://truckersmp.com/support
  4. Hey, @Angus Ryder Open your panel with the TAB key multiplayer > Voice > Voice volume setting pull to the right. Open the game. Return to the desktop.at the time sound level in the audio mixer from the speaker icon, right click on TruckersMP. There is also a guide made:
  5. Basicaly I'm more of an android user and I've never used an IPhone on my day to day base. But what I see as the difference is that you have the vetter software on Apple IOS also is IOS so smoot and easy to work with. However the bigger battery on most android phones make me more love the android side also has android way more customization options. Eg. I've changed my stock keyboard to a custom one and I've installed some very usefull widgets and etc. However the end decision is up to you.
  6. Asus ROG GTX 1070Ti Advanced Edition (Overclocked myself)
  7. Samsung A5 (2017) And i want the Galaxy s10+ cuz it's cheaper the the new Iphone 11 and in my opinion better...
  8. Goede uitleg, Nu hopen dat het me eindelijk gaat lukken om met die LZV achteruit te rijden
  9. Cl3mex

    New to Discord?

    Wow this guide is super super handy!
  10. The Manual you made is very easy to understand and so on. Good job
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