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  1. The worst is that very few players are driving safely, and worst, most players don't pay attention when they do their "take job" and pickups at DeepGroue... The thing, is that players are used to have NCZ in Pickup&delivery zones so once up there. they "forget" to be careful... Truckers MP should either put the zone in NCZ, or add an alert that warns the player that there are collisions...
  2. Nice, but will it be updated for the Washington map DLC? Cheers
  3. Hi, Me and my friends have noticed that the trailer stability setting is forced to 100%.... Why the hell is it so? That screws pretty much all the challenge of driving, and removing this amazing new feature kills the realism ov the game... Me and my friends are pretty pissed off about that, and I really hope it could be brough back sometime soon... Best regards
  4. On my end, I fully acknowledge and understand the delay... I am playing with a few friends who are itchy to get back on TMP, and had to explain them a few times that the devs are very likely not working FOR TruckersMP, but doing it on their own time as crazhyace said. We only need to have a little bit of patience and let them do the update correctly... Cheers
  5. As for AI traffic in SOLO mode, we can lower the density or even remove it: - Open your folder "Documents"\"American Truck Simulator" - Edit the file "config.cfg" (or for those who don't have set the file extension visible, it's only "config") with notepad or notepad++ - Search/find this(whitout the " "): "uset g_traffic" - Change the value to a lower decimal (0.5 for 50%, 0.7 for 70%) or 0.0 for no traffic at all. - Save file, close. I did some tests, and I personnally find a value of 0.5, 0.6 or 0.7 is quite decent. removing just enough traffic for some challenge, remove the occasionnal overflow and keeps the roads alive. Some of my friends lowered it at 0.3, but my personnal preference is 0.5. Cheers.
  6. Any date for the update Washingon and Forestry DLC compatibility on Truckers MP? I suggest everyone should update their game and drive some distances and test the new parameters and new physics... Those who didn't adjust their settings and wait 'till TMP is compatible to do will have a big surprise... I bet there will be many crashes and accidents caused by those players when TruckersMP will update... Cheers
  7. Hey just gotta say THIS: IF YOU WANT TO DRIVE FASTER THAN THE LIMITS, GO SINGLE PLAYER/CAREER!!! It's players like you that causes accidents, crashes... I'm taking pride to say that I'm one of those who respects road rules; slowing down in curves(thus avoiding cuting in th other lane)and respects stops and lights(or at least traffic priorities)... Yesterday night me and a friend we crossed path with a south-american company(won't specify (which) that were driving way too fast in a 2-lanes-2-ways, they cut the turn and hit him, breaking hard his truck, trailer and load... Earlier, an other friend was crossing a green light and got hit by a "bob-tail racer" who never even slowed down on his red lignt... PLEASE RESPECT THE OTHER PLAYERS....
  8. servers came back online some time later my original post, so problem fixed.
  9. Will it be added to ATS-MP in a near future? I really hope they will...
  10. Hi everyone, All servers down at this moment???? Any re-up estimated time???? Cheers...
  11. I think there's a New update on ATS, is it supported by TMP?
  12. The Blocking rule is abused of... too broad allows miss-interpretation... I got banned because someone following me VERY close reported me and the moderator didn't consider that I didn't see this guy and couldn't estimate his distance from me, as I drive in-cabin... (he admited that he didn't)... And more-over, the moderator didn't notice that the guy reporting me was licking my truck's back-end(rage-driving) while I was pulling a big load... Only one simple thing could simplify the application of this rule: Driving as you would IRL... 1 phrase, meaning that if you report someone for blocking you, but you are the one who didn't drive respectfully first you are the wrong one... 2 very important rules should be then added: Any wrong/incomplete report(malicious intent), you get banned yourself(long period) for abusing the the rules... No rage-driving tolerated... I won't get caught for situations like this from now on, I'll record(with audio) every time I'm on TMP...
  13. Hi everyone... First of all, this post is in the ONLY purpose to make driving on TMP ATS-US easier et more fun... Clearer rules=less confusion=less conflicts... I'd like to bring something about a subject that affects a few rules... The infamous "What you do towards the other drivers"... This is about how easily these rules are used to report-2-ban drivers:, as they are too large, not enough ... These rules are over-used to get other drivers banned for wrong reasons... Those rules should be more details, to be close to any decent "real life" driving behavior(related to the only rules I know, in canada) FIRST these 2 Forum posts should be ALWAYS be a reference for all drivers... I suspect many never read it... Should be VERY visible in the rules... Tips and Rulles for SAFE DRIVING https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/105-how-to-overtake-and-be-overtaken-properly/ If you follow an other truck: DON'T "kiss his back-end"... Try to contact him on CB to inform him where you are... if it's not working, then act accordingly: take your distances from him... YOU are responsible to avoid collisions, YOU are responsible of stay clear of the driver in front of you... DON'T go on the right(inside corner) side of a truck that's turning to the right... It's VERY likely that he doesn't see you or look at where you are... CONSIDER the other one doesn't look especially for you... You must Drive for the others, be polite... BE PATIENT... Make yourself visible... If a truck is slow, he might be pulling an heavy load... Don't be wreckless, he might already be trying to find a way to let you pass... Don't overtake a truck from his right(trucks should drive in the right lane) unless it's clear that's what he wants... Give him time to move there THEN overtake him on his left... Truckers: Learn from my bad recent expericence... 1. If you're slow, activate(and make sure they are) you Hazzards and/or beacons(depends on TMP's policy, It's not that clear) If you are slow, you have to go in the right lane(if there is one)... 2. Please, if you're not sure of how you should act in a situation, ask for advices to others... I've taken a ban for blocking, in a "No-win/gray-zone" situation... My mistakes: I didn't check if my right flasher neither my hazzard(once I made the corner)... the other guy, speaking spanish only, couldn't know what were my intentions... I delayed my move to the right lane... Few other reasons, due to the "No-Win" situation... Best regards.
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