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  1. think as a simulator should trucks be like irl so limited to 90 km/h . it would avoid many collision and make game more realistic, as in truck you cant rush. Can make a hole in the floor, but stil max speed is 90
  2. it good but really need a tuning pack to make it look even better
  3. and in the end of second video you see heavy traffic on junction but not slow down to avoid collision (reckless)
  4. you must have your headlights on from 4pm to and 9am. thats server settings
  5. i found the same here... there are just spoilers and dont get if we all driver easonable everyone will find game more enjoyable. at the end at the day is a simulator . if want crash and other things go play wreckfest or something like that
  6. maybe arent bored just want to make mess of others plays bcs found that funny
  7. Sistem is set to prevent caos in heavy traffic region so if you come into zones where doubles arent allowed you get kicked for security
  8. i presume that aply to all servers not just to eu2???
  9. Game needs to improve to keep up with time and give great experience for ppl to join and drive along europe and america and feel a bit of what a real trucker feels everyday
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