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  1. A quick meet up with @CaldeiraG @rdb1999 and Panda from Prime Logistics!


  2. May I just say that even though it was a great idea to allow people to use police cars, it is just a pity that people can't enjoy it if people are acting like idiots. 

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      It's kinda the aim of the birthday event.. I understand what your saying but genrally most birthdays end up getting abit messy. xD


      If your seriously concerned about how this was being handled the best thing I would reconmend is to pop in a feedback ticket HERE. I would aim this at either Game Moderator Management, Event Management or Project Management.


      Hopefully you still get to enjoy the event! 

  3. When the opportunity arises to be something you are not, enjoy it whilst it lasts <3 


  4. Hey everyone!


    I want to let everyone else know that today's convoy for TNR (TRUCKING NATION RADIO) has been a success! I would like to thank TNR team @ItsHarryUK, @TotallyConnor, Gullimann and DJWheeler for letting me join them! I would like to thank the ConSecGroup for their amazing convoy control work today! They did an awesome job today to maintain a steady flow for everyone! 

    Many thanks for the VTCs that joined; Falcon Trucking, Nutty&Co, Tango Trucking, SYG, Streamline and many others! You all have been awesome today! <3 






    Falcon Trucking



    Many other lovelies <3 


  5. Even though the beginning was rough and out of control, the end result is what matters. Thanks for letting me join in guys! 


    Make sure you check out TNR guys! https://tnradio.co.uk



  6. Hey guys! 


    Letting you all know that I am attending as a TNR Listener & Alpha Logistics Representative in this Arab Truckfest and Convoy! I am accompanying @RedGamerWolf, @TotallyConnor@ItsHarryUK, and many more TNR staff! As well as seeing @Speedy_TMP with the #CourtzCourriers and many more amazing people out there!  @courtzz49, They look absolutely amazing there! :D


    Also, seeing an admin :P@bobi124 



    Also I am streaming on Twitch! Sorry no voice! 


  7. Hey everyone!

    Had a wonderful drive yesterday with the Event Manager of TNR TotallyConnor, RedGamerWolf and CaldeiraG! Thanks for the awesome drive guys!



    Also guys! I am streaming on Twitch working on my film script's shot list! Come and say hi! 


  8. Hey everyone! 

    Joined in with the Anniversary or Birthday of Falcon Trucking's convoy! It was amazing! Met some amazing game moderators;

     @slushbro@Syntackz@CrackPrewier@White Wolf.@NeonLeon, @[GlobEx] Numb3r2


    Thank you Falcon Trucking for letting us all join in, it was fun! 


    1. SuperHoops


      Nice photo :D 

  9. I do not have a favourite place to drive to, however, anywhere near a lake and mountains are enough for me, no matter where they are located. In terms of the C&D road, I stay far away from it.
  10. It is kind of a bumper, but I think it would be nice to keep it seasonal? I mean, it matches well with Christmas and Winter time ?? If someone had it on all year long, they could be a hazard all year xD <3
  11. Hey everyone!


    As you probably have noticed, there has been a lot of activity from me on the Offical Gallery of the VTC Alpha Logistics! If you are not sure what I am talking about, here is the link to the forum topic. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/81876-alpha-logistics-gallery/


    As you also probably are aware, the Month March has finally fallen upon us and that means, more days in the month and more activity for everyone, not just only from my end and the VTC I represent! Here is my today's delivery! 




    I have been working on some new trucks for the VTC and this baby girl of mine is a Scania S with a high roof! She is equipped with tools to help at the front or the back of the convoy! I have been test driving with her in Zurich and of course in France! I will be probably do some more errands with her today to see how well she fares with different distances, but so far, she has been a beauty to work with, which reminds me: https://clips.twitch.tv/LazyFlirtyRingWow Make sure you check this link out xD She is one pretty lady *hint hint*


    I am also streaming VTC related stuff today! So if you guys want to join in and just to say hi, you can find me on Twitch! :D 

    Safe trucking everyone!




  12. Happy Birthday to you Speedy!!! :D Hope you had a fantastic special day! 

  13. Hey guys! 


    Just wanting to let everyone know that I am in a small open convoy with @RedGamerWolf Jedness, Caldeira! If anyone else would like to join, we are heading from Zurich to Warshaw on Server Europe 3! <3 




    Safe trucking everyone!





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