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  1. A quick meet up with @CaldeiraG @rdb1999 and Panda from Prime Logistics!


  2. May I just say that even though it was a great idea to allow people to use police cars, it is just a pity that people can't enjoy it if people are acting like idiots. 

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      It's kinda the aim of the birthday event.. I understand what your saying but genrally most birthdays end up getting abit messy. xD


      If your seriously concerned about how this was being handled the best thing I would reconmend is to pop in a feedback ticket HERE. I would aim this at either Game Moderator Management, Event Management or Project Management.


      Hopefully you still get to enjoy the event! 

  3. When the opportunity arises to be something you are not, enjoy it whilst it lasts <3 


  4. When the opportunity arrises to be something you are not, enjoy it whilst it lasts <3
  5. Why add more roads to occupy and why the need to vote? Some people actually would like to drive on these roads where there are no massive amounts of vehicles blocking the way, ramming each other and reporting every single incident. It is enough havoc for the moderators to keep an eye on the C-D Road. Adding another road to occupy in such a scale is just wrong, especially when many people claim that moderators don't do their job when actually they are. If you want to ram people and flip their cars, jump on Rocket League, there you can even make a car explode without a moderator kicking or banning anyone. <3
  6. To be fairly honest, when I stream and record at the same time, I usually report it to the TMP staff under the filing a report. You will need to file a report for every single member involved IF they committed an offense such as blocking and ramming. It must be clear as day for the TMP staff to see and make the right judgment to give the necessary punishment, however, such a thing as a whole VTC committing traffic offenses in such a scale, I have not encountered, yet I did encounter someone who rammed me out of the world (more details not necessary) however, point still stands. If someone commits a breaking of a rule, report it. <3 Safe trucking everyone.
  7. The C-D Road is the most dangerous and threatening road in all of ETS2 TMP. When there are only two lanes, stick to your own dedicated lane, unless indicated that you are permitted to overtake aka. only overtake when there is no one else coming from the other side of the lane and are permitted to do so, but other than that, just stick with your own lane. I avoid the C-D road at all cost because if I drove there without a dedicated trailer for a job, I would be considered as a nuisance and unnecessary traffic endangering others. So, be patient, be wary and very cautious if you drive on the C-D road.
  8. Working solo can bring you only that far, yet teamwork will bring you more opportunities! <3
  9. An Awesome Truckfest & Convoy from Dover to Aberdeen arranged by TNR (Trucking Nation Radio!) https://tnradio.co.uk/
  10. Hey everyone!


    I want to let everyone else know that today's convoy for TNR (TRUCKING NATION RADIO) has been a success! I would like to thank TNR team @ItsHarryUK, @TotallyConnor, Gullimann and DJWheeler for letting me join them! I would like to thank the ConSecGroup for their amazing convoy control work today! They did an awesome job today to maintain a steady flow for everyone! 

    Many thanks for the VTCs that joined; Falcon Trucking, Nutty&Co, Tango Trucking, SYG, Streamline and many others! You all have been awesome today! <3 






    Falcon Trucking



    Many other lovelies <3 


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