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  1. [PL] Plaid360

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    I don't think I said this clearly enough. There is a hard coded 150km/h speed limiter in the mod itself, the 60/110 limiter is server specific and if it would be disabled there would still be the 150km/h limit. You can actually see that on https://truckersmp.com/status the only server with a speed limiter enabled is EU1.
  2. [PL] Plaid360

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    So, from what I've heard, the global speed limiter is actually hard coded into the multiplayer mod itself and it can't be disabled on particular servers. They also aren't thinking about removing it. This is kind of sad because today you have servers like EU4 and the 5th anniversary server and even though one is no collisions and one is no road rules each one has a speed limit which takes half of the fun away from playing the game. To all the people who think that the speed limiter is perfect and we should worship it, please understand that this community has different styles of players, some of them can handle driving a vehicle at high speeds, some like to have fun by driving at high speeds, and some like to have fun by doing everything by the book and not going 1km/h over the limit. There simply isn't a solution which will make everyone happy, that's why we want the speed limit disabled for the GLHF servers like EU4 and TMP5. EU1 to 3 will still have some aspects of true Euro Trucking Simulation.
  3. [PL] Plaid360

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    Great idea, the speed limit is very annoying and it should at least be disabled on EU4.