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  1. Building traffic lights here is a great improvement:LUL:


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bolts


      The new petrol station is also great.

    3. k1v4n


      It's a great idea but how many will actually stop at the lights?:thinking: 

    4. DemonHunter1981


      I have to say that I have went through that area a few times and everyone was actually driving with common sense. However further down that road at that new petrol station it was confusion XD

  2. Can anyone give me the gift of cd road dlc:LUL:


    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      gonna have to start digging under :P haha  jks

    2. EL MORENO


      it's time to find another options 

  3. Thanks for attention~:LUL:

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    2. EL MORENO


      yeah sure, when? 

    3. [SK] - TeR*YongBao

      [SK] - TeR*YongBao

      Truck World mission is being completed recently, you can run CD Road together on weekends

    4. EL MORENO


      ok, Cool 👍

  4. You are finally back, I have waited for this day for a long time~~:LUL:

    1. Soul Knight

      Soul Knight

      Thank you,yeah,i'm back😁

  5. How about this computer playing Euro Truck Simulation:LUL: @Spig_Xiao Zhu


    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Why don't you smash him!:kappa:

  6. The system suddenly jumps out of other information while driving on the cd road, causing the game vehicle to be out of control ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  7. The 160-horsepower car sounds really annoying, and the ears explode when the car passes by.
  8. Happy birthday as long as you don't hate us we can love you for a long time ~~lol

  9. Happy birthday to the RLC team, this heart shape is so beautiful~😘9BA7BBE9B9B8FD1E7A726B85CD495E3A072172E5

  10. 提起卡车轮胎会发出持续不断的放气声音,但切勿停下来。
  11. It ’s wonderful to listen to beautiful music, drive your favorite truck, and explore new maps.
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