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  1. Nerk95f

    Keys and Tips for Players NEW to Multiplayer

    i never knew why my chat sometimes disappears, thank you.
  2. And then it starts in singleplayer, everything was fine like 10hours ago https://gyazo.com/eb938c8f0930687edb225daccff742ab
  3. Nerk95f

    Kicked, Invalid accesory set detected, NetTruck

    Right i was thinking something is not right i totally forgot about the lights, thanks
  4. Any ideas? I'm not using any police accessories, i think I'm missing something but i can't figure out what. You have been kicked from the servver. Reason: Invalid accesory set detected, sorry you are not game moderator (NetTruck) Forgot to add pictures https://imgur.com/a/chh0VAl