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  1. Road to simulation is fine, but it should be an option for the user. I started my trucking career 37 years ago running in California pulling doubles. I enjoy the sim but I play it to relax. I put in my time behind the wheel and don't need to drag the headaches into the sim. How far are you going to push reality? Are you going to force HOS? You can only drive for 11 hours out of 14 hours then you have to have 10 hours of rest. That would kill it for the people that run back and forth from one end of the maps to the other. Are you going to enforce the laws for wide loads? You can only run those during daylight hours. Are you going to force the in-cab view and disable all others? Are you going to only allow players with wheels and disallow keyboards and game controllers? Be careful of what you ask for or you'll lose a lot of players who donate every month. Please give us our options back. If you don't want to use them don't, but I like to enjoy the memories of running up and down I-5 and 99. For those of you who think the realism is great, go get your CDL and get a job driving. It won't take long for you to realize what I'm talking about.
  2. Why did you take away the option of hitting enter to skip backing in to load with your own trailers????? Now I can't load my doubles, since I can't back into the space.
  3. Ralph L

    CB Radio range

    Suggestion Name: CB Radio Range Suggestion Description: Extend the current range of the CB radios to something more realistic, like 5 miles or more Any example images: The current range of the CBs are extremely short, It's set to less than 3/4 of a mile and a stock out of the box Cobra 29 will reach 3 to 4 miles or more depending on terrain. A tweaked or boosted radio will reach up 7 or 8 miles, maybe more. Why should it be added?: If you have a decent sized group running together, the people in the front can't even talk to the trucks in the rear
  4. I know about hiring AI drivers, but is there a way to hire friends to drive your trucks in MP?
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