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  1. The problem is solved, it turns out it was necessary to reinstall the game, but I still thank all the forum participants, and of course the people from Truckers MP
  2. Hello, I have a small problem. The fact is that when entering the ETS MP, such a "beauty" is issued:and Details of the problem: a similar infection appeared in the middle of autumn, and I thought that this was a regular update. Then I forgot about the MP, but with the release of the new DLC, I decided to play, but an error window popped up, I again thought that an update is possible and it is worth waiting a bit, and now on December 4, I still cannot play MP. I was looking for a solution to the problem, but nothing happened. Updating ETS 2 on the demo version did not help either. Please, help! P.s. : My version of the game in screenshot number 1 (1.33.2), but the launcher does not lead it, claiming that I am on version 1.30. I repeat that I already tried to change versions, but it did not help.
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