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  1. JustinTM2


    Hello, I can not see the picture you posted. Please come back with another link! Sincerely, JustinTM
  2. Hello, many players do not know how to drive with a single trailer ... It's a lot more complicated with two if you sit and think, but if we logic what will everyone do with 2? What I'm doing now 1 go to Calais - Duisburg. 1. More accidents. 2. More lag. 3. More problems Sincerely, JustinTM
  3. JustinTM2


    Recomand aceasta firma pentru toti jucatorii de Euro Truck Simulator 2! Mult respect tuturor!
  4. I use this road always, because is so fast and so simply!
  5. JustinTM2

    New to ETS2 Multiplayer? No problem! Come check here!

    I like your ideea! Thank you! Good luck!