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  1. Thank you for causing me harm

  2. JustinTM2


    Hello, I can not see the picture you posted. Please come back with another link! Sincerely, JustinTM
  3. JustinTM2

    Why aren't double trailers allowed in busy areas?

    Hello, many players do not know how to drive with a single trailer ... It's a lot more complicated with two if you sit and think, but if we logic what will everyone do with 2? What I'm doing now 1 go to Calais - Duisburg. 1. More accidents. 2. More lag. 3. More problems Sincerely, JustinTM
  4. JustinTM2


    Recomand aceasta firma pentru toti jucatorii de Euro Truck Simulator 2! Mult respect tuturor!
  5. I use this road always, because is so fast and so simply!
  6. JustinTM2

    New to ETS2 Multiplayer? No problem! Come check here!

    I like your ideea! Thank you! Good luck!