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  1. Introducing A Gaming Community That Focuses On Online Gaming But A Virtual Trucking VTC, ThatGuyLogistics Is Happy To Announce That We Are Hiring Drivers To Be Part Of Our VTC Below You Can Find Some Requirements!


    To Join ThatGuy Logistics Please Have The Following,


    1. You Own A Legal Copy Of ATS Or ETS2
    2. You Have Played At Least 2 Hours Of One Of Both Games
    3. Your In Our Discord Server
    4. You Have TruckersMP Installed
    5. Join Our Trucksbooks VTC: https://trucksbook.eu/company/96479
    6. Join Our TruckersMP VTC: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/29006


    Interested In Joining? Make Sure You Join Our TruckersMP VTC In Order To Get A Response


    Let Us Know If You Have Any Questions By Direct Messaging Me On Discord!




    Note: I Will Not Accept Random Friend Request Unless I Know Who You Are. People Who Wanna Ask Questions About The VTC Are Exempt From This.



    Thanks And Happy Trucking :check:


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