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  1. Neba

    Year of the Pig paint

    I am going to suggest adding “oink oink” horn sound mod !
  2. Neba

    Show more consideration

    I experienced this once, made a report, and got declined saying such frustrating moment is reckless which caused the accident. Good luck and hope you don’t have to encounter this frustrating moment again.
  3. Neba

    Ets2 and vr

    I can imagine I would be troubled and causing more trouble when I am using VR at C-D road....
  4. Neba

    World of Trucks: One Truck Event

    ^ The boredom involved is the problem in WOT... haha And now I left Koln, Amsterdam and Mannheim thinking of doing these three to Brussel and suddenly realized that I am out of town for the whole period of Brussel’s delivery! RIP me.
  5. 6 dangerous driving records would be a massacre against the innocents. No point to release them.
  6. Graphic card becomes faulty.  Can't take good screenshots now  :RIP:


  7. Neba

    there should be a free for all server

    EU4, I can’t ram you. Because of no collisions. OP wants to make a EU5, I ram you anytime I want. No rules apply there. Is the OP’s idea so difficult to understand?
  8. Most answers have been there. The best way is to tune your brake intensity, to train your reflexes in slamming brakes without Steering when facing similar accident there. And make a better judgement to keep a sufficient distance to allow yourself to brake and stop right behind the stopped vehicle in front. This is taught by every qualified driving instructor, very important. You should always assume the vehicle in front will lag or crash in the next second. Good luck and safe drive.
  9. Neba

    World of Trucks: One Truck Event

    Lack of time and poor computer hardware are preventing me from joining the traffic jam for the event. I have to avoid all the jam these days.
  10. Not to mention the video creator himself also a bad driver as a seven four seven..... Back to the topic I’d agree multiplayer is a kind of human interaction which the single player mode cannot offer. I think I can understand one point that mistakes/errors form part of such interaction that added the excitement factor to TruckersMP. Not sure if you play the survival in Calais-Duisburg road often and I’d say trolling isn’t a kind of interaction that we could be happy to experience. Nevertheless, some of the negative characteristics already become the trademark of TruckersMP which is not possible to extinguish. Unless you have an effective extermination plan.....
  11. Neba

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Some other guys had suggested setting the CD road NCZ. It does solve most problems. Otherwise, either 1/ make a system warning about the risk of entering such area. Or 2/ no moderation to this area - drive there at your own risk..
  12. Neba

    Fuel range issue after buying a new truck/car

    Chassis does matter - 4x2 has the largest fuel tank and the others would vary but often comparably halved the capacity. You can see the fuel tank size in between the wheels when you are doing a customisation. If you are doing a realistic fuel consumption, you will burn fuel fast if you keep accelerating (for keyboard) or full throttle (for gaming pedals), especially for those trucks with high HP engine. I think you can make a test with a consistent driving style in one particular road to see what makes you noticing the fuel consumption issues.
  13. It is the only road with active traffic flow all time. No substitute.
  14. Neba

    ETS 2 MP Server that allows you to use singleplayer mods

    Practically impossible. But tmp have Add on team. Who knows if they would implement server wide mods for us in future?