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  1. The requirement looks like a staff recruitment more than an open tournament. I don't even want to laugh out loud.
  2. Not to mention the video creator himself also a bad driver as a seven four seven..... Back to the topic I’d agree multiplayer is a kind of human interaction which the single player mode cannot offer. I think I can understand one point that mistakes/errors form part of such interaction that added the excitement factor to TruckersMP. Not sure if you play the survival in Calais-Duisburg road often and I’d say trolling isn’t a kind of interaction that we could be happy to experience. Nevertheless, some of the negative characteristics already become the trademark of TruckersMP which is not possible to extinguish. Unless you have an effective extermination plan.....
  3. Neba

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Some other guys had suggested setting the CD road NCZ. It does solve most problems. Otherwise, either 1/ make a system warning about the risk of entering such area. Or 2/ no moderation to this area - drive there at your own risk..
  4. Chassis does matter - 4x2 has the largest fuel tank and the others would vary but often comparably halved the capacity. You can see the fuel tank size in between the wheels when you are doing a customisation. If you are doing a realistic fuel consumption, you will burn fuel fast if you keep accelerating (for keyboard) or full throttle (for gaming pedals), especially for those trucks with high HP engine. I think you can make a test with a consistent driving style in one particular road to see what makes you noticing the fuel consumption issues.
  5. It is the only road with active traffic flow all time. No substitute.
  6. Practically impossible. But tmp have Add on team. Who knows if they would implement server wide mods for us in future?
  7. I don’t say rec or anything, I do it, and file it without telling them .
  8. Neba

    Getting out of cab

    That would be SCS job to implement it for full trailer connecting simulation. If this involves a playable character with a hitbox moving around for this feature, it will be interesting.........
  9. 7 for me. One of them spawned in front of me at their ghost mode and I drove through it before the random event took place.... haha
  10. Started at Amsterdam bus station, explored Europe circuit clockwise, getting through Europort for 145 mins with some forced detour, enjoyed the UK circuit anti-clockwise, and back to Amsterdam bus station in 3 hrs 40 mins.


    Going through the congestion is deadly tiring.  Nice event.  Have fun, drive safe and good night.


    (Ingame quick screenshot at Hull, forgot the F2 & F3)



  11. Neba

    Do your "In-game" reports get looked at?

    This is how unfortunate to see the IG report, which contains a very objective playback system, is just a waste due to both overflowing volume of reports and no spare staff-time for the handling. Web one lacks the viewpoints from the perpetrator and is heavily relying on a recording for reporting/defending purpose. I quite hesitate using it because of additional performance requirement. Statistically only 0.2% chance an IG report would be dealt with
  12. Though appreciate the effort, the guide for red arrow turning left to Dortmund is truly not complete. Due to the rework of this intersection, as mentioned by the above, the vehicle turning left will end up blocking the path for the left turn from Duisburg. This has become a very situational issue and at the peak hour, the position will affect greatly whether one should give way to maintain a safe and smooth traffic flow. Based on the current controversial concept (see the other post discussing against giving up priority/right of way), you should mention that the truck turning left to Dortmund have to stop 10 fts behind the give way line (which literally nicely blocks the path for right turns). So that the give way rule is perfectly followed and allow non-stop traffic from Duisburg to left turn. Whether this concept is practical or not, please experience it at the peak hour and share with us the statistics and the impact.
  13. Neba

    Cities have much players

    Based on the DLC you have, other than the most congested area / road in between Calais and Duisburg (CD road), you can also visit Milano, Malmo, Bergen - Oslo, Berlin or Zurich. There are some people driving around with far less toxicity than the infamous CD road.
  14. This is really really a surprising topic raised by this OP and I urge every trucker share your thought to "One Small Favour" driving behaviour there.



  15. Should be tightened in congested area. 20 kmh + car speed limit is fast enough.