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  1. Currently its more like hard-pushing rather than promoting the hardcore simulation and the road under the current simulation setting is more or less serving like a conveyor belt on the entire map.
  2. I pretty much support the harsher ban provided that the admins can maintain their professionalism at all time. However I feel really worrying to some of the either former or current team members' attitude in replying those against the RTS change where a staff member is supposed to be in a mature manner, being calm and polite in conflict but the stone cold text from some of them sounds somehow different to the expectation. Anyway... good luck in future. You have kicked at least 1500 daily trolls already.
  3. I don't know whether significant numbers of people (including me) also have this mind and just drive on CD road every time, as I think TMP has always been putting effort to encourage truckers to drive outside that area....
  4. If the 110 kmh speed limit applies to the CD road and other country road that’s fine. My biggest concern is the underlying problem when driving in a constantly empty highway at this speed. Did you make a try?
  5. A real hardcore driving test will not be easy... There are so many scenarios that can instantly fail the test... the system is not possible to detect if the driver did check mirrors and blind spot, which makes it easier like you said.. Anyway if there is a dedicated server to test, can be on CD road, no speed limit... and must include a route that making a left turn at the gas station... any collision, over speeding, failing to yield etc... becomes instant fail and kick...
  6. ^ just a similar idea came into my mind Why not force teleport to a particular place for a driving test in Sim server... For all first login after registration or after a ban... Make a hardcore driving test identical to real life one such as basic control, signalling, speed limit... etc. and just a few AI traffic to sync... Failing the test just force F7 kick and start over... When finished the test, welcome to full simulation.. haha... (Note: I am not a fan of full simulation style in MP)
  7. Just took some time to drive.  The Single Player highway, with g_traffic 7.7 and various speed/pace, is always more enjoyable than Driving 110 kmh in empty highway.

    However, I was used to enjoy an option a lot better than this which was previously offered by TMP :troll:.



    p.s.: does the audience like listening to the engine noise in a video? Just curious.

  8. I tried hardcore truck simulation, ended up casual driving at a faster pace. :RIP:




  9. The setting for the "Simulation servers" is very closely identical to that for EU1, I think you can understand. The line you referred was the expression from someone above, and not my words. As you can see there are comments came up with "understand nothing" conclusion, from some influencing persons who disagree to the comments against this change. I don't think I have any more idea to a solution in this topic given that the direction of development has been deadly locked to what TMP currently be.
  10. This is just the same word as "Everyone, I don't understand why you are unhappy with EU1, you have EU4 to fulfill your need." and "I don't understand why you don't like EU4, it allows you to do everything you want." If I take such attitude to this discussion, I'd say "Why you think removing EU2 & EU3 and forcing people to play on EU1 can reduce report? There is no valid reason as well." Disappointing, really.
  11. This has been very well said, especially about EU5. Truly hope that there is a more considerate approach. I am not against the focus on simulation but I don’t hope this is a mean to get rid of all other drivers who just want to simulate a driving environment rather than to simulate a real life worker with a lot of limitations in a game. Edit: It has come to my attention that there is a particular comment disagreeing those who don’t see this game as a truck simulator. Please be a more considerate person. “Go play NFS if you want speed” and “Go play EU1 if you want simulation” are just the same attitude that won’t help to the conflict surrounding this topic.
  12. I hope I am wrong by reading it as a sarcasm for all the words except the first and the last sentences as you assumed "evil" and "toxic" from my words, which is a very unhealthy way to a debate and discussion. You are also assuming my opinion, or maybe all other guys who expressed their view against the team's idea, is a sort of whining. I hope it is just you who make such comment to my words. Otherwise, this topic should be closed because the announcement already stand the team's position of going in favour to strict sim gameplay, which is no point to spend effort to entertain "other fans". Anyway, I know I have choice, 4 options for me. Thanks.
  13. This is the most frustrating point to me, refusal to the style in between each side. "Either you strictly stick to the simulation, or go play arcade if you don't like it, or just play single player where no one rules you." I guess this is what you mean.
  14. Looks like you are assuming all option 3 (a collision arcade server) voters agree to the change but I, as one of the option 3 voter, is actually not happy with the change. TMP was great because of a variety of game styles (though trolling is one of the style too). There is no other driving game can offer either hardcore simulation style, relaxed car-driving alike style, or racing style (I only agree the majority point against this style), or maybe more. To me, gaming is for fun. I can let you know that EU1 was my first hour of TMP driving, really boring as everyone locked at 110kmh and I met no traffic on my way (both in front and from the back). I'd rather driving with trolls around, at an adjustable pace, rather than in empty street... I am happy with my improved defensive driving style over the past years. I do respect your desired gaming style and experience, and I do also hope the team and the community make their welcome to drivers with different hazard-free style rather than making change that would feel like a refusal.
  15. Assume this is a valid reference : There is no majority to a particular style of play.
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