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  1. Yes, thanks, now I use the program. For my gamepad.
  2. Thank you very much ! I will install the program! I hope in the next versions there will be a gamepad recognition in multiplayer
  3. Thank you all, you gave very good answers! Good luck on the road!
  4. Thanks everyone for answer ! @Xris , @TimeTimes , Interesting solution. But i will not give a ban for it? I'm afraid of side programs
  5. Hi guys ! I play with my friend but gives us different loads in deliveries. Can I deliver the same goods and how to synchronize them? We only managed through the world of trucks, but there is a speed limit of 90 kilometers. Thanks for the help !
  6. Hello ! I play a game on a gamepad and it’s not convenient for me to talk on the radio. Can I assign a talk button on the gamepad? Thanks for the help !
  7. Yes, thank you very much for the feedback. I realized that you can not make quick orders online. When I get my truck I will join you again
  8. Hello, I made the delivery of the goods and received this bug, what is the reason and how to avoid it? can you fix it?
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