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  1. I would have never thought that the transmission could have been the issue. As seen on the screenshot, resolved. Thank you very much for the instant help. //to be closed
  2. Hai, I have a weird problem; neither my new Scania S (730 HP) nor MAN TGX XXL Euro 6 (640 HP) won't go faster than 135 kph. The problem persists both on MP Freeroam and SP with no mods installed. Even when I manage to get them faster (eg. 140 kph downhill), the trucks will brake to get to 135 kph. I triple checked the settings, there's no limiter enabled and no other settings changed. My old TGX XXL (640 HP) can go 150 kph (or even 155 on SP) without any problem. Could anybody please help me to resolve the issue? I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if I wrote in a wrong section, please move my post to the correct one, thanks. Thanks in advance for all help, Wewek
  3. Okay, y'all guys made it clear for me. Thank you very much for your help. //to be closed
  4. Evening. I've read the rules once again and I've noticed one thing that in my honest opinion needs an explanation. According to the paragraph 2.9 of Rules, any ban issued 12 months before the current date is ignored while user is being banned. As it's written in the same line with the 6th ban rule, I'd ask whether it applies only to permanent bans, or all of them, for example if I had been banned for 3 months, 13 months ago, will my next ban be 3 months long, or will its duration be set at GM's discretion? Another example: I've had the 3rd ban issued 11 months ago, 1st and 2nd over 12 months ago, will my next ban be counted as the 2nd or the 4rd one? Thanks in advance for the answer, Wewek
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