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  2. Min. 60 is good for simulation. If you wanna go faster then go to arcadeserver.
  3. That would be great news because now renault is very unpopular. And a new truck is always good news. I'll buy him for sure!
  4. Personally i recommend the scania S 730 because for me its the most beautiful truck ever made and yeah ive got scania in the bottom of my heart volvo or daf is also nice but after one job with them i go back to my darling every single time
  5. I really like Italia and it would be Palermo for me. I'm always starting or ending there almost every day
  6. Red dead redemption 2 for sure just love Arthur Morgan!
  7. I only play ets on my pc and for the rest i play ps4 with GTA online, Red dead redemption 2, call of duty and Fifa thats about it but the one game that always comes back to me is ETS
  8. Yes Do you like the Renault trucks?
  9. I think it would be very nice, but they have to keep traffic under control then, a few ai traiffic but not the max. or maybe make all the AI cars no collison that we can go straight trough them if we don't have another option
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