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  1. @Mirrland i want to spend only this 25zł
  2. Hi, im new and i want to buy a dlc, steam have big steals and i have some money in my wallet so which dlc i should buy? I'm thinking about (scandinavia or going east) + high power cargo pack. I dont have much money (25zł) so i can buy 1 map DLC (without Italia) and small DLC Prises: going east 12zł, scandinavia 18zł, Viva la france 18zł, high power cargo 5.50zł, heavy 9zł, special transport 9zł. Thanks for help, and sorry for my english
  3. I bought a dlc to Scania so i prefer Scania too, but Volvo have better engine
  4. Hello, im new, and i have one question, what truck is the best on 10 lvl? Volvo or something from scania? Sorry about my eng btw
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