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  1. Thanks to all staff who did the Vantage Convoy good job guys 

  2. hi guy dose anyone have the link to the event convoy map thats on mp now its for minidave 

  3. hi morning guys how is everyone 

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      Have a nice day :) Weekend is coming :wub:

  4. morning everyone 

    1. Encrypted™


      Morning, Drew. How are you today?


    2. [AyYildiz]GORKEM 22

      [AyYildiz]GORKEM 22

      good morning. have a nice day :lol:

  5. drew_TMP

    New game mode (an apology)

    it would be good to see Ai traffic on the c-d road it will slow players down a bit don't know about the crashing
  6. drew_TMP

    ETS2 Service Exit Accidents

    players ghosting out of the service station dose not help it allows to meany players to exit the ghosting should only work for players coming into the service station for players coming out it only allows you to ghost into players coming you can't ghost into player on the road so players would have to stop to let players out or in
  7. drew_TMP

    New game mode (an apology)

    thhanks the tmp team can only do what they can & they all do a really good job
  8. drew_TMP

    People who drive slow on purpose.

    as long as your truck is moving & other player can pass safe your doing nothing wrong but if you don't allow other player to pass safe then your braking the rules
  9. drew_TMP

    Knowledge Base System

    all the TMP staff do a fantastic job keep it up guys
  10. drew_TMP

    Knowledge Base System

    it's ok for now needs to be made so you can put what ever you want in the box & it finds it on the forum allowing members to find thing faster
  11. drew_TMP

    Don't go onto C-D Road with Winter Mod

    using the winter mod & physics mod is up to the player how they drive is down to them so if they get kicked or banned they are the ones who added the mods & was driving the way they where you can use the winter & physics mod on any server but if you want to go around making your truck or car slide you need to use Eu4
  12. should tmp add police lights & police skin to trucks for game moderators 

  13. drew_TMP

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    there are something that could do with being changed & some that don't need to be I think the in game system could do with a change I think if it could be done player who are not in ncz part are kicked sooner then player who are in ncz parts this way a player blocking the road is kicked faster & the traffic gets to move faster as it is now it takes to long if player where kicked sooner in no ncz parts it would make it better for the player & the game moderators for ban times being changed I think they are ok as they are
  14. merry christmas everyone

    1. BlackSkill


      Merry Christmas ;)