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  1. Most trucks are the same in the mod. Depends on how fast they start. The car however is not good in the mod, I tested it in singleplayer and the car slides in every bend even when you are driving 50km/h. Dont do it in multiplayer, crashing can lead in a kick or ban. If you like snow you can remove the physics file.
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    Connection broken

    hello could you give us some more information? My connection also breaks sometimes and it can be a lot of reasons. Maybe your internet ping is too high, you can check that by clicking tab in game. you can see your internet speed there. or maybe your headlights are not enabled. Enable them when its 19u30 in-game or else youll be kicked within 15 seconds. Or did you try to use the police vehicle? That is also not allowed. You can also check the intigrity of game files in ETS2 properties then click local files then click verify intigrity of game files
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