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  1. Hi there, today I present to you the idea of a rehab scheme in TMP. Before making any criticism/ comments/ suggestions for improvement please read through this suggestion. The general idea is a rehab scheme for those who are permanently banned and have been permanently banned for over 1 year. The reason I believe this Suggestion Name: Rehab Scheme Suggestion Description: A rehabilitation scheme for those who have been permanently banned and have been so for over a year. The server will be 150 slots and there will be a waiting list, if people go inactive in rehab for over a week they are removed. People wanting to be included in this scheme should “apply for rehab” on the forums and await senior leadership approval. (This could take a matter of months as it is low priority.) Before they are able to apply they may have to complete a certain amount of criteria or complete a task which would take an amount of time to show their dedication to being allowed into this scheme. A few ideas I have put together of criteria to be accepted into this scheme could be: You must have over 200 hours more in game since you were banned to apply for rehab, you must complete an essay of some kind related to regulations in TMP, you must have been banned for over 1 year, etc. something which would convince the senior leadership team that you have matured over the year of which you have been banned for. E.g. 200 hours after you are banned would show staff that you have dedicated time and that you are not just a troll who just bought the game out of wanting to cause trouble. After you have met this criteria they can be whitelisted to a rehabilitation server. This will have AI as well as other players taking part in the rehab scheme. They will also have collisions off, however each time they pass into another player it could add an extra amount of time to the period of rehab. Rehab could be done over a period of a month. While in rehab, they will have to complete tasks, such as being on for a certain amount of hours per week (5-10 hours maybe?). A few ideas of these tasks would be: Not to collide with any players otherwise your 1 month rehab time will be extended, to be on a certain number of hours a week (unless given specific permission from senior staff by application), to follow all road rules and every time you break a road rule e.g. running a red light will result in an extra 10 minutes added to your rehab time. These rules may seem harsh but it will separate players who are dedicated and want to play again, from those who are not that bothered and will just end up rule breaking again. It will also show staff that they have matured since their ban and that they have learnt their lesson. People who are excluded from the rehab scheme: Hackers, reoffenders (people who have just came out of rehab). After they have completed rehab (1 month + however much extra time from penalties of rules) they will be allowed back into regular servers. HOWEVER, for a period of 1 month, they will be on a point scheme. 3 points and they are given a one month ban, and if they are kicked/ banned once more after this they are permanently banned forever. Basically, every time they are kicked for a reason such as reckless driving they are given one point. However, after 3 points they are banned. Once this ban of say one month is lifted, they only have one chance until they are permanently banned for good. The rehab server will only have 150 slots so that competition is high and only so many people can join into this rehab scheme at a time. People will have to be active and online 5-10 hours per week while in this scheme so that they are not taking up slots for those who want to take part in the scheme legitimately. If someone goes inactive for over a week with no contact/ staff permission they will be removed from the scheme and their place will be given to another player in the waiting list. Any example images: N/A. Why should it be added?: There are many cases of people who have got banned for reasons due to mistakes, and this has repeatedly happened. Also, since the game has been out since 2014, many people playing the game are young and immature, or even just someone may regret what they have done 2 years in the past e.g. ramming. I believe this scheme will take up limited slots and will give many people the opportunity to prove to staff that they are worthy to play again. It is a very extensive scheme to ensure that people who get through it are dedicated and want to play again, rather then just someone who will join and get banned immediately. They will not be able to troll in this server as collisions are off, however every time they pass over a player their time is extended. This rehab scheme will also be a one time opportunity and if they reoffend outside of the time of rehab perhaps 5 times? They are permanently banned with no chance of rehab. Any suggestions/ criticism and comments are appreciated. This is not the final presentation of the idea as I am open to suggestions for improvement from the community. (edit: please pm ideas as I was not aware that you cant reply to this :D)
  2. The tackle manoeuvre you will learn today is very dangerous and should only be performed if it is necessary to do so and others are willing to engage in a road war with you, do not attack innocent civilians and do not engage in road wars unless the roads are completely clear. Remember with power comes great responsibility and you are responsible for anything which occurs when performing this manoeuvre, I am only teaching you the act of self defence when in a road war. This guide will cover some methods on how to deal the most damage whilst still having enough % left to score some more before you must repair. As you all know, there are no medics in ETS2 MP. Something which some of us may find annoying and some of us may like as you need to go back to respawn before getting back out into the battle field/ road. This guide will show you how you can conserve your damage while still being able to score a decent amount of hit points on rival enemies in game. The best areas of battle are around Calais as there are many targets and lots of damage points to get, the more the merrier. Firstly, select your target. This can be anyone who is travelling at quite a speed. Keep in mind that the slower they are moving, the less chance you have of dealing damage and scoring more damage. If you really want to score a good amount of % on their damage, wait until they are travelling at least 50KM/H. Ok, so now into the actual take down. The tactic I will be covering I call the glitch tackle. This move is barbaric and can be difficult to pull off if you are in a head to head battle as they can ram you before you get the chance to score the hit. Glitch tackle: This video shows me performing a perfect glitch tackle on an enemy in Calais. The beautiful thing about this manoeuvre is that you don't take any damage at all and can still drive at your normal speed without noticing a thing, whilst it can also flip your enemy on its side or upside down if you are lucky. Method: -Gain some speed (about 10-20 KM/H more than your rival) and over take your enemy, be careful that they do not ram you as you do this as this is a defence tactic often used to block this tackle. -Once you have enough speed (not too much otherwise you can miss your target), pull in front of them whilst holding down the throttle as shown in the video. If you do not hold the throttle down whilst performing this manoeuvre then you may risk damaging your car/ truck and/ or being turned upside down also. Make sure you are as close to the front of the enemy as possible otherwise the glitch tackle will not take effect. -Keep driving and watch as your enemy is devoured and if you're lucky you'll hit the bulls-eye and they'll be flipped completely upside down. Defence tactics against this attack: This form of attack deals a lot of damage and others may try to perform it on you too. So here are some ways to prevent this happening. -As people drive past you, go very slow and turn towards the side of the road, so they have less chance of hitting you. -If you know the enemy is intending on performing this manoeuvre then you can slam your brakes on/ turn into them as they try to go around you, this way they have no way of damaging you without them taking a solid bit of HP too. This will and can result in you taking damage too so if you can, brake check them before this. This tactic of defence is only last resort as you do not want to be taking any damage whilst in a road war. -A conservative way to deal with this, is to just stop your truck all together. This way they can't deal any damage to you, as if you are not moving, it is physically impossible for you to crash into the enemy. -Using head on traffic to your advantage. If the person is trying to perform this and you know so, you can try get up to speed with them and push them into oncoming traffic. This way you can get two take downs for the price of one, however, often they will ram you before you do this or brake and move out of the way. -USE YOUR BRAKES! The rear of your truck is heavily plated. And I mean really heavily plated. Very rarely will you take damage when taking a hit from the behind as the back of your truck is the strongest part of your truck. Weak points on a truck: The front is the weakest point on a truck/ enemy and also the hardest point to hit. The sides are well armoured but still the second most weak point. However, this is easy to hit. The back of a truck is very heavily armoured, and if you hit it, expect to take a lot of damage and none given to your enemy. Disclaimer: The moves covered in this guide are to be used responsibly and only if others are willing to participate in a road war. I also hope you have learned how to defend yourself out on the open road. Roll out truckers.
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    +1 I think this is a great idea, I'm surprised its not already been added.
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    Name: forum chat box/ shout box Description: a box at the top of the forum with which anyone can send a message in to or talk to each other when on the forum. Example: a text box which you can type into and a chat box above it. Why it should be added: I believe that this would be a great addition to the forum to help players connect more and perhaps even get instant support without needing to message admins by taking advice directly from other players. Players tags can be displayed in different colours so people know who they are talking to, and perhaps some emojis can be added to make it a bit more expressive. I have seen this used on two different forums before (other game servers) and I believe it would work amazingly as people can talk to one another instantly through the forums and be an excellent addition to the status update box. Thanks for reading my suggestion and I am open to criticism and/ or improvements.
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