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  1. Yes, I have been just created my report. Now just need to wait because I have some another unviewed reports before.
  2. Hi guys, and I met a very toxic guy today, who was all the day raging to my mom and ramming me. Sure, that i recorded and screenshotted it all and I want to make a report on TruckersMP site as I always did, but I didn't make any profanity/insulting reports before, so how should I do? The 'Trolling' category was removed, so I can use only 'Other' category if I want to mix my content about his ramming and insulting me. Or maybe I should do two reports on this guy (one with ramming and one with insulting), but it could take longer time to accept (I started seeing that my reports now viewing only after about a week since I created them (before it was like 30 minutes - 3 days to accept)). What do you guys can recommend to me?
  3. Is it permitted to use triple HCT's in mp? For example, this one: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1696397430 Can I use it in restricted for doubles area?
  4. Oh God, it's working now! Thanks alot to you, sir! I hope you'll be fine! My problem has been solved [Im sorry if Im doing something wrong to notify you, im just new here].
  5. I have a licensed ETS2 of 1.33 version. Yesterday I reinstalled my Windows 10 x64-bit and I have noticed that console and free camera don't work even if I changing 'g_developer' and 'g_console' from 0 to 1. I tried to change 'grave' in the 'config_lines[84]: "mix console `(! any_shift) & (! any_ctrl) & keyboard.grave?0`" to some keys, as f9, f10, f11, v - but nothing happened. I was changing 'g_minicon' from 0 to 1 but it's doesn't work too. Before I have reinstalled Windows all was fine and working. After closing notepad g_developer and g_console still on '1'. Maybe I have an old version of the config file? Can some antiviruses conflict with 'config' file? Please guys I need it to work as fast as possible!
  6. Can I use v8 engine sound mod and custom dashboard for scania in multiplayer?
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