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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. GetOnMyLVL!

    Winter mod - DLC or TMP

    I think that players should not buy a DLC just for Wintermod. If so, then everyone should have it, not just those who have the DLC. The Wintermod should in my opinion be active only in the winter.
  3. I agree with you. Some people want to report you for every little thing, but in the end they will not do it anyway. Or the moderators do not see it as a reason for banns. I just ignore such people.
  4. GetOnMyLVL!

    Thoughts on Calais to Duisburg route

    I like to drive there, because there is a lot going on, and I like to be stuck in a traffic jam.
  5. BVqD0p7.jpg

    Good Evening. :)

    Weekend is over soon. :(

  6. I use the CB radio 9, there is always quiet, and you can talk in peace.
  7. GetOnMyLVL!

    Wie findet ihr den MP?

    Guten Morgen, Mir gefällt's einfach, dass man mit anderen Leuten fahren kann, und auch immer wieder neue Leute kennenlernt. Am meisten gefallen mir die Konvoi's.
  8. GetOnMyLVL!

    Truck or car?

    Definitely trucks, the game is called Euro Truck Simulator, and not Euro Car Simulator.
  9. GetOnMyLVL!

    Should ban time be decreased ?

    I do not think it should be changed. After all, people should learn from their mistakes.
  10. GetOnMyLVL!

    I forgot to fill the fuel tank. Oh no.

    Yes, if there is no petrol station nearby, and you have already received a message that you should go to the nearest petrol station, then it's getting close.
  11. GetOnMyLVL!

    Winter mod is now available!

    Mod not working.
  12. GetOnMyLVL!

    Truck suggestion

    I can recommend the new Scania in heavy duty execution for heavy transport.
  13. GetOnMyLVL!

    Killua's Photos :)

    Nice modded Trucks!