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  1. there were some roads wich ended in nowhere and if you took them you would fall out of the map. (the invisible Wall was just missing)
  2. Simply said yes, since the evidence must be avaible for the ban length and additional 30 days. Here is a Quote from the TMP Rules. In the last article (see the link in the last point), are some notes for your Case I hoped that the Quotes wich i posted here will help to answer your Question and I wish you a nice day.
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  7. Simpel, der Discord ist halt viel beliebter.
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  9. It seems that you are missing some permissions for your Windows account. Try to start the launcher as administrator and see if it works. If not, please check if the TruckersMP folder in Appdata/Roaming is "read only". If so, try to undo this. (Default folder path "%appdata%\TruckersMP\" or C:\User\WINDOWSACCOUNTNAME\AppData\Roaming\TruckersMP [change WINDOWSACCOUNTNAME to your Windows user name]). If my tips helped you a little, let me know. With greetings SebastianZ
  10. - Greet players or drivers from VTCs wich I know, with the flashlight - Use the fanfare only when some nice ppl are cutting me off, to let them know that this was really close - using "rotating" indicators (left, right, left, right) to say thank you to the driver behind me - Using double flash to let the driver in before me - If someone is overtaking i give a little more space by driving a bit on the hard shoulder - Moving to the left lane (or right when in uk) when a player merges on a highway. - Using Indicators if someone parks on the roadside (half street, half dirt) to overtake them, even when i got enough space on my lane. Well that should be all
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