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  1. We are looking forward to
  2. I think the exam could potentially reduce the number of players who don't follow the rules, but there would also be people who would pass the exam and break the rules, there could be a lot of them. Personally, I think it's hard to stop such people through an exam.
  3. I think that I will drive Renault trucks more often.
  4. My favorite trucks is Volvo. My attention catches tunning pack and placement of meters on the dashboard.
  5. I can't wait. I think that now I'll start driving renault trucks more often


    1. wesleyr99


      Very Nice 👍👍👍

  7. In the game settings, try moving the responsible sliders to the right as far as possible for trailer stability and suspension stiffness.
  8. I'm happy. Now I'm waiting for tunning pack for Renault. It would be cool.
  9. I recommended Daf or Scania. Daf is very efficient in terms of combustion, while scania can cope with the biggest engine can cope with heavier loads that daf can’t cope with.
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