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    southampton uk
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    truck driving still now retired can drive all day on here pml
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  1. happy new year lets hope its a good one 


    1. L-DR@GO


      Well, my country is not there yet ..

      Happy New year in advance 

  2. how s everyone  sozz not been on for a while hope all is well 


  3. Happy Birthday! 🎂

  4. thanks bud 


    1. L-DR@GO


      your welcome 🙏

  5. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  6. wow  been on tmp scince 2018 still a rookie . never mind was born to drive . the one and only jimmy mack 


    1. Almira xeltz.
    2. L-DR@GO


      you have to be active more often now Bro ... to raise your Rank 

  7. thanks for the floowillor66  but m8  why you try to take me out you get bored . sorry  bub if you want to run with me you need to get some miles under your belt  have fun 


  8. is tmp down  carnt get in togame ?? 


  9. eveing all  miss me   i am back on tmp going to give it a norther

    try lets hope its slowed down after the  bus release

  10. moring all hope your well and safe 


  11. sorry for last remark thought didn't  get any money but its on b bus ,s own page  thought you would off put it in jobs done on scs seen as we had to use scs to register 

  12. blubus what a rip off  1/2 mil to bye bus no job  reward nice but no thanks 

  13. eveing all hope your well and safe 


  14. morning all hope your well and safe  happy birthday to all that's a year older 


  15. Foobrother  so what your sayin  is that if you drive your car  on a ring road and the speed limit is lets say 60 you are forced to  do 30 you would be happy with that 

    1. Foobrother


      Is that what happens in game? If so that's indeed a bug. Speed limit should reflect what's on the road signals. I was more talking about the principle of having the highway speed reduced when arriving in big cities.

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