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  1. At least they could make 2 different servers in arcade, it's no use to have 2 servers with only 200 people max. Make one with and one without collision, so they can choose to hit others if they want, now those who want to hit surely will go to the simulation server. And i also support the changes though
  2. Isn't it an idea to have some "points" system? As an example: Having a collision on purpose gives you 10 points, with a maximum of 100 points. Every hour you play it decreases 1 point (because sometimes you can't avoid a collision) If you reach those 100 points, you only have acces to an arcade server so you still can play and have an opportunity to decrease your points.. Don't know if something like that is possible? Again: It's just an idea
  3. Or take 1 server with and one without collisions?
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