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  1. fixed, started with Admin rights. Connected, selected the server try to connect, I'm in the queue and get a new issue "conenction refused, wrong client in use you have to download the mod on the page" update uninstalled TMP, deleted all TMP content manually. installed it again. downloaded all updated connected with success but still i get the message after connection "wrong client in use"
  2. HI, get the message to update ATS and ETS but if I try to install the available updates I get always the message that the server returned the message code 404. Can you please assist? Regards
  3. Hello, we have trouble to install the new TruckersMP update. Everytime if we try to install we get the message "Connection Error" "WebClient-Requierement Error". So we searched the forum and we tried all solution which are provided in the forum: We uninstalled TruckersMP and reinstalled it many times. We deleted manually the files in TruckersMP directories. We cleaned the registry. We tried it to install it over another DNS server. We tried ist with a connection over ultrasurf. We cleaned the DNS cache. We tried also to run the installation in Administrator mode. Nothing works with success, could someone pls help? Thanks
  4. Hello again, ok we have here some great ideas but overall we will not change anything if the TMP team decide to take this rules, this is a mod which was made from guys in they free time and we have to accept them. 1. Some people claim always that they wanted his speed limit from 150 km/h back. I can fully understand them, they drive the last 2 years under such conditions. And also I represent the opinion, but i have also to say this is not a racing game and if the TMP team decide to downgrade to 110 km/h I can understand it and I agree. Why i have to drive in a Truck Simulator faster then 110 km/h? There is no country inside of the EU and near to the outside of the EU were a truck can drive faster expect some countries e.g. USA. 150 km/h speed limit had 2 effects the one is that the decent driver can reach they destination faster (5 minutes it's like in real life) and this is a open gate for all of the trolls to make some kidding bullshit. 2. Some people asked to setup one of the arcade like the old EU2 server. So what will happen, the trolls will leave the simulation server because the only thing which they expect is to drive so fast as they can and to ramm, block or to annoy other players. So the most of the players will join again the this server. Additional the player which wanted to drive so fast they can(decent driver) will join also the server and at the end are the most player again on the new server were the speed limit is off and the collision is off. What will happen with the remaining people? You really expect they stay on a simulation server which is only to 40-50% busy? I don't think so, they will join also the new server. And what is the outcoming of it? the decent and the trolls are again all on the same server and we have the same situation as they is. 3. So what is the reason why we get new rules? So some people believe it is according to that we get a high amount of reports every day. It could be and I can also imagine. But i doesn't read a real a official statement on this. But why we have it? Why we have so a high amount of reports? The reason is pretty clear in this case. The community has grown in the last years and the side effect is that we get a lot of trolls which is result of the growing up community. This is normal in each gaming community. ETS2 and ATS is here no exception. I can fully agree if the admins are annoyed that they spent the most time to handle this, in their free time (please remember the spent their FREE TIME) and they try to find a way to handle this. The result are such rules. But if this is the reason to tame this people. i don't think that this will happen because they find always a way to annoy us. So at the end this is a result of the big community and the only thing which will manage that is to spend more time to clean the server from such guys. Regards Gottlieb
  5. I can't agree with all of your comments here. "If you have/had better changes in mind, why didn't you propose them to the TMP team (via feedback)?" This is what we did at the moment, or not? Why we have to claim things which are not existing in the last rules? No one was aware of such changes, so normally a survey give feedback in such cases. This is the feedback. Sorry but my magical glass ball doesn't told me that TMP make such a major change of the rules... But let me add something: Why I have to open a ticket? If I know that this will processed in a week, but here the TMP is interested now on the Feedback and they read it immeditately? Also this a forum, a place to give feedback and to discuss such things. Also let me add, i forgot it. I can't remember that TMP started a survey to get feedback what the player wanted what is normally the best way to figure the feedback out. "It's very interesting that quite a lot of people only created their forum accounts to comment on this topic. s/ Seems like good commitment to the community /s" Sorry but, this is how the life is. The most people give they feedback if they have different view. You will never get pro active from the majority of the people "hey this is great job" the most player accept this without comment if they have the same view of it. So at the end is it the same problem and this rules will not change anything against player which drive reckless. The trolls will stay and the only thing which can handle it is more presence from Admins on the server. Regards
  6. Hello, my opinion is that this is a good idea with the 110 km/h. But we saw few years ago what happened with the EU1 server. On EU1 were always 1000-1500 players online and the EU2 server was always full. EU2 get after few months more slots. From 2000 up to 4000. And what happened? The player left the EU1 server and all played on EU2. So let us see what this change will change? That both server will be empty at the end? We will see it in some months. The restriction for the triple trailes, for what? Some months ago TMP team allowed to have triple trailers in each combination and now is it forbidden? Suprise, why? The decent drivers were not the problem but of course the trolls was it. So what will be changed? nothing. Trolls will be Trolls, there is no difference between with or without triple trailers. For lot of players like me, which play since years. This was something new, to combine all different trailer types with different cargos. This was new stuff which made the, in our eyes, death game more interesting. Especially in ATS, great shit to have 2 x 45 ft and 1 x 53 ft trailer on the ass. ATS was death and is death. Please look at the player ranking of the ATS EU Server. They pending between 50-300 and the result was you never see someone... So who will be handicaped if someone drives with a Road Train? No one, i noticed only acception if i came with a Road Train and I'm sure this was something which brings again live in to ATS. but not yet anymore. Again is for me ATS death. Why i have to drive on a server were i can drive more than 500 miles without anyone around me? It would be great if you review your new rules. But hey, please work on the "no collision areas" in ATS companies. The most of them are still not existing which is terrible if a player is always blocking the unloading area and his AFK bot is on and we can't go thrug. Thanks
  7. Hello, till yesterday it was possible to take jobs from the Special Transport. Why you removed this possibilitie? From my point of view it works fine. The people around doesn't see the escort vehicle and everyone could drive they special transport jobs. Is there the possibility to allow the special transport jobs in the MP? Thank You!
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