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  1. Crt_93t

    Skoda Horn Not Working

    Thanks Guys For The Help You Didn't Find My Solution Though Whilst I Was Enabling Freecam In The Config I Accidentally Deleted The Horn Value.
  2. Crt_93t

    Skoda Horn Not Working

    Please Lock. I Have Managed To Fix It.
  3. Crt_93t

    Skoda Horn Not Working

    Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mod Version: Controllers Used: PDP Xbox One X Controller Description of Issue: When I Press The Horn Button Whilst Using My Skoda ( From The Iveco Dealer, ), I Do Not hear Anything And Nor Do Other Players. I Can, However, Here Other Skoda Horns. Also, When I 'Equip' My Truck It Works Perfectly. How to reproduce: I'm Not Sure If Reproducing This Bug Is Possible. All I Do Is Press Horn And It Doesn't Work. Screenshots / Videos: Video or Screenshots Aren't Really Possible. I Can't Show You I'm Using My Horn.