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    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    Oh, great job exclude most cities I and others play on for double trailers. I have supported mp since it started, but this certainly is a reason for me not to anymore it totally took the fun out of driving double trailers. so as another user said, give us a server that allows everything everywhere, there are servers for speed limit driving and non-speed limit driving so why not an everything is allowed server? i have driven over those so-called high congested places that are now forbidden, and the only people that i found making problems where the car drivers but no those are always good no matter what they do, even if they make big traffic jams as I often seen . in those places. but anyway this rule totally makes me and possibly other peoples experiences bad, but hey you have teh rights to make bad decisions anyway , if we like it or not. the only solution is a server that gets these changes back to what they were. well i had fun times but it seems, those times are over