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  1. Congrats on trainee lethal 😁

    1. IethaI


      Thanks Velo!


  2. Yeh I wouldn't see the need for them to add winter mod in ProMods since theres special wheaher conditions like Vindow said. It would be nice to see it back in the normal servers even though it can be annoying with the amount of crashes due to reckless driving.
  3. Congratulations @[RLC MT] G4M3P1X3L and @[RLC] Kw1nt3n!!!! Brilliant pictures And of course congratulaions to first place
  4. Event post updated to include new information released! Dont forget to react on ets2c if your able to attend! Hope to see you all there!
  5. Looking forward to this event! Glad to be a part of the staff team!
  6. Really excited for this event!! So glad to be a part ofthe staff team
  7. Thanks for the follow! 😆

    1. Alon.


      You are welcome

  8. Congrats on the promotion matt! Sorry im a litte late :)

    1. MattTM


      Thanks so much, Velocity. Appreciate it mate <3

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