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  2. Have you become an admin?

    1. Anriandor


      Temporary Event Admin for Haulage 64

    2. Dj Jefferz Atlas GG Owner
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  3. Thank you for the follow!! <3

  4. Happy bday McGamer!

  5. Happy Birthday ;)

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  7. Accidental Launcher Option Click

    Hi @_aceywolf Go to Documents\ATSMP and delete the launcher.dat file and launch the game.
  8. Haulage 64 Official livestream is now live -

  9. Cant get any jobs?

    Hello @General hawk This thread should help you solve your problem:
  10. Cant get cargo on some of the companys

    Hi @JustAlvin To take jobs from/ to Kaarfor and Sell plan you need the Scandinavia DLC. Without the DLC you won't see the green pad where you select your jobs.
  11. Chat Button not working

    Hello, Maybe your chat is disabled, try pressing F9 to enable chat and then press Y to open the chat box.
  12. Constant freezing

    Moved to Solved
  13. wo ist das "@"

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  14. No jobs in quick job list in Groningen

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