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  1. Hello, where can I find Ban appeal section? Recorded a player for doing bad things.

    1. [R-Knight] ZygisRage (LT)
    2. [R-Knight] ZygisRage (LT)

      [R-Knight] ZygisRage (LT)

      Sorry, took wrong word :D Not an english guy so it's possible for me to do mistakes.

  2. [R-Knight] ZygisRage (LT)

    Invisible object on road in TMP

    Game: ETS2 Mod Version: latest for 1.33.2 Controllers Used: xBox 360 Description of Issue: Hello, so I was driving from Polandia to Italy. Didn't see the blips on road and other trucker was overtaking me through 2nd lane and I was in the 1st one, so that's all ok with that. After bumping to those blips i countinued going through 1st lane because there were no obstacles in sight. But I bumped into invisible one which made my company contract worthless (Truck damage 20%, Cargo - 1%). So I guess as you, mod creators, disabled most of the moving NPCs, you disabled some obstacles too. I were already writing an email to SCS but had an idea to check if there is no obstacle in SinglePlayer too but there was one and pretty big. Then i understood that it's not SCS's left bug. Here I add two videos and a screenshot: one video in MP, one in SP and a SS so you know where exactly the obstacle is. How to reproduce: turn on the obstacles in the mod? Screenshots / Videos: MP video: