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    Playing simulator games and keeping ornamental fishes. :)

    I do also recording my games and check my YT channel below :)
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  1. Perhaps Turkey and Russia
  2. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Anyone else get a speed boost on bumps?

    Hmmm.. Perhaps the TruckersMP Staff should look after this matter. Safe drive!
  3. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    The new update is more realistic

    Yeah! The braking systems has improved and the manuever. Much better
  4. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    What radio do you most listen to on the ETS2 MP?

    Truckers FM tho Sometimes..
  5. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    What's your dream car?

    I'm a simple person I'd like to have a Honda Civic 2017 or old model 2010 and Honda City 2009. And set it up!
  6. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Picture of the Month: December

    Keep it up guys!
  7. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Monster Cars

    Hmmmm. I just read feedback here
  8. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Christmas DLC

    Hopefully they will release christmas trailers and paint jobs as one purchase
  9. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Will Bus Dlc Income On 2019?

    Perhaps it will.
  10. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    New design for TruckersMP [Unofficial]

    Good job bro!
  11. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    TruckersMP satisfaction survey - Quarter 4 2018

    Keep it up team!
  12. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    RiP C-D road

    Probably most of them are responsible drivers who have been shift route to Baltic. Haha Yet the population in C-D road has been decreased. However, noob and trolls are still there. Rip
  13. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Hot topic #9: TruckersMP continuous improvement

    I agree with this +1
  14. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Cruise control?

    Yep. Most of us often use it for comfortable and less hassle drive. Specially when passing to the highways and uncongested roads.
  15. [ConSecGroup] NuelGamingPH

    Trailer Mod Web Generator

    Is this still working on the latest version?