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  1. I think It was not a bad idea. It could be more diversity in the game. But unfortunately a lot of users use it bad + breaking problems etc makes it a cancer.
  2. It is a message to another object as like warning.
  3. It does not worth currently. No one plays in MP anymore.
  4. It could be fun. Im gonna try it. Especially it includes more than one english accent.
  5. I would like to make more realistic. I mean the roads are so perfect. But IRL there are bumps pits disorders etc. I mean a lot of things does not feel like you driving a truck.
  6. Old case volvo 750 hp engine + new volvo transmission (7 gear)
  7. Should be more thougher. I think that people need to understand to drive as like "trucker".
  8. I think speed limit must be lower for country roads. Especially if they have so much sharp bends.
  9. I would prefer old case scania. It has the most powerful engine for 0-70 km/h speed. Which is so appropriate for heavy cargos.
  10. I know that rule ain’t exist irl but that is the rule on the game. So what should we do but obeying the rules?
  11. Nowadays due to the exam i cannot play ets. I missed. I am going to play it all the day after June 16.
  12. You are absolutely right. I have lived for a thousands of times what you have said. But the sad thing is when you ever ban them permanently they are getting another account and ramming you over and over. My suggestion. There must be an admin system for 24/7 on high population places.
  13. Well it is so helpful to write those. I agree with you.
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