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    Problem with F7

    I have just upgraded to MP 1.36 on server 1 eu and had to go to the fixit shop so hit the f7 key and when it took me there I ended up with a blue screen in pause mode. I was not able to escape out back to game so had to shut down. This also happened to another driver in our discord so there seems to be a problem.
  2. Yes I have been in contact with SCS on the forums wishlist but so far no reply thanks for all your comments
  3. I would like to know why most other countries have their own paint DLC's but New Zealand do not. When asked about this we were told it was because NZ are too small and do not have enough drivers playing truck sim. To me that is rubbish because a lot of the kiwis do not just drive for NZ companies but companies from all over. We have the NZ flag so why can we not have our own paint dlc for the country. Our company has our own skin which we can use in single player so why not a country skin for using in Multiplayer like all other countries. I have attached a photo of our skin which you could take the kiwi trucking off and you have one skin this skin has the kiwi across the rear of the truck and also on the rear trailer door. We would really appreciate a kiwi DLC for ETS and ATS.
  4. It is a shame that you are all so impatient. Why not download 2.42 and play it on single player until the server is put up. Stop all the Whining and have fun on single player
  5. I do not understand why people want AI Traffic in MP. If you want company while driving join a VTC. If you want AI Traffic then drive in SP or maybe they should have a server just for MP with AI Traffic but do not spoil a great sim by putting AI traffic into it. Also why should a small minority of idiots towing multiple trailers spoil it for everyone else. Do not get rid of multiple trailers as this also takes the realism out of the sim.
  6. Yes you can. I have been driving in 1.36 since they released it and have just rolled back to 1.35 What I did was back up my profiles for 1.35 as well as my steam profiles and then opted out of beta. I am now driving in 1.35 without a problem
  7. Looking forward to this release. I will be able to drive on promods in mp instead of all on my lonesome.
  8. I have no corrupt files and cannot get to mods manager to take any mods out for single player. I have reinstalled tmp and checked files. I managed to get in last night after truckyweb came back on line but am unable to access anything since the update in TMP. Plus also noticed trucky web map is down again . I am not the only one with this problem as a number of my mates are having the same problem. I think this is a problem with TMP as the trucky web map and website is down as well.
  9. When I try to load both ATS/ETS in single player or multiplayer I can get as far as the window where you get the SDK window. When I click on OK that window disappears like it should but then I cannot click on anything and the game crashes to desktop. One of our VTC members is having the same problem.
  10. Not a problem. Thank you for your assistance. Kiwi
  11. That was the only problem I have found so far. Just one other thing if our vtc were to create a logo and paint job for our trucks and trailers will they show up in multi player?
  12. You can hear your own horn but they do not seem to work for other people to hear yours. Is there a problem with this due to the update as was working fine in beta.
  13. Kiwi1


    Yes since the last update I am having the same problem. Very frustrating driving in the dark when it is supposed to be daylight.
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