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    i like simulation and survival games, (subnautica is my fav survival game)
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  1. [VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName

    Add a ghost mode warning

    Suggestion Name: Ghost mode warning Suggestion Description: Add a red title on top of the players tag saying "GHOST MODE" Any example images: Why should it be added?: It will help stop collisions when people overtake and then crash into a incoming truck on the other lane
  2. [VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName

    Let people know if you are typing

    Not a bad idea tbh
  3. [VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName

    Add a restriction on the C-D road

    Suggestion Name: Add a restriction on the C-D road Suggestion Description: Make a 100 player limit on the C-D road, if someone drives on the road when there's 100 players already on the road, the server will warn you, if you don't exit the road in the next 1 minute, you will be kicked, and teleported back to services Any example images: None Why should it be added?: It would reduce traffic a lot
  4. [VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName

    Italy DLC

    Yes, but it doesn't beat the Scandinavia DLC, if you don't have the Scandinavia dlc yet, i recommend to buy it first, as you get double trailers
  5. [VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName

    1.33 Relased!

    It is a good update, mainly because it didn't mess up the mods I use, lol, but in general, the new trailers are amazing!
  6. [VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName

    Do you have DLC Krone?

    It's a really nice dlc, yes, other players who does not own it will see a grey box, but still, it's worth it!
  7. [VIVA] ID0ntHaveAName

    Please host a halloween convoy at ets2 too

    What about ETS2 truckers? Not everyone has ATS. Who agrees they should host a halloween haul event server for ETS2?