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  1. hello,there are players who violate the rules.Why didn't my video report deal with it? Is there insufficient evidence or don't want to deal with it ?Players can hit and violate the rules freely ?

    1. Sven67


      Hey @Love-ˇYin Zhenˇ forum is not a place to talk about the bans and reports use the report system https://truckersmp.com/reports :)

    2. Love-ˇYin Zhenˇ

      Love-ˇYin Zhenˇ

      incomprehension :(

    3. Love-ˇYin Zhenˇ

      Love-ˇYin Zhenˇ

      Always show'nobody'

  2. hello

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    2. AnonymousCRITRD


      ok is that I want to remove the prohibition of the game please already send you the information you wanted
      Mike Dragon


    3. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Nothing I can do and this (forums) is not the place to discuss your ban. Make a ban appeal on the site and whoever banned you will see it and answer when possible.

    4. AnonymousCRITRD