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  1. I'm getting old...but congrats to TruckersMP!
  2. It's amazing to think how far this community has come
  3. So I'm on holiday, driving around through Europe and today I visited Europoort IRL, but there was no traffic chaos. Totally unrealistic. ?

    1. blabberbeak


      Apparently, traffic mods don't work in real life. ?

  4. Heyyyy^^   Adde_  , Happy Birthday !!!

  5. To me it still feels like the 1 million user milestone was reached not that long ago. ? Congratulations to the team, let's aim for 5 million!
  6. Congratulations! ? I remember when I signed up back in 2014 (on another Steam account - and no, no ban evasion ?) and both this awesome mod and the community have experienced huge changes during these years. It's been interesting witnessing it grow and change over the years and I never imagined this many would register when I became part of it. Here's to another million! ?
  7. It's been ages since I checked in here last, the nostalgia sure is kicking in... ^_^

    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Welcome back  :P 

    2. Fulgura


      +1. Missed the game, and the forum too.

  8. Happy birthday :)

    1. Adde_


      Thank you! :D 

  9. 1. You can still play ATSMP, though only the Europe server is actually online. 2. I don't know if this is what you mean, but I will mention it anyways: No, you can't get your money back as you paid for the game (American Truck Simulator). TruckersMP is a mod, and is in no way affiliated with the game nor it's developers. TruckersMP only acts as a link between players for them to see and drive with eachother. 3. TruckersMP does accept donations, and from what I know they really help. Aside from this, the mod also gets money form ads run on the site. If you want to, you are more than welcome to send in a donation. I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated. 4. Making TruckersMP a paid mod is legally impossible, at least the last time I checked. This is because TruckersMP is just a mod, purely run by standalone developers. Making a paid product that's totally standalone from the actual game developers is illegal as TruckersMP and it's developers don't own the trademarks to the base games, ATS and ETS2. If the leaders of TruckersMP actually decided to take money from people to let them play, then I am 99,9% certain the owners of the game would take them to court pretty f'n fast. 5. Even if TruckersMP had the money to run the US1, SA1 and AS1 on separate, high-end servers then the debate is, why? When these security patches are rolled out to the servers, it's safe again. There's literally no reason to actually running them on such a system as that probably wouldn't lead to any actual player benefits. The only thing this would probably lead to is a complete waste of money. Those servers have probably been run like this for a really long time and in my eyes this hasn't had any negative effect on it's players up until now. The issue will be solved and everything will be as great as it was previously. The positives of this solution of running shared servers compared to the more expensive one though is that the most popular servers instead have gotten really beefy systems being able to keep up with the extreme loads. Someone reacting to a post is nothing weird and is a part of this forum, as it is with many others.
  10. I don't understand where they should link to? Info about the exploits have been posted, linking to several different sources, by several different members including developers Kat_pw and Krashnz. Moreover, if you want to discuss this via other outlets then there's both the official Facebook fan page and Twitter account, on which this has been posted. I'm also sure the official TruckersMP Facebook group has discussed this. But then you could still discuss it here on the forum, both in this thread or if you want to, create a dedicated thread in the off-topic section dedicated to discussing the security exploits. The TruckersMP forum is a great place for a discussion and to learn. You can also just post a status update about it. I don't see where you could possibly want to discuss this on any other platform than previously mentioned.
  11. Ikr, security issues located literally in the dye of pretty much every CPU manufactured in the last decade and over, and it's still such a small community as TruckersMP that's to blame. Why not just blame the giant CPU manufacturers that's the actual cause to this exploit? Think about it, your PC has this exploit and so does your phone, possible tablet, smart tv, car (from within this time period), and pretty much everything else you may have that's smart such as i.e. a freezer. Now, I'm not saying that we all are going to get hacked on every device we own. This is not happening, and I believe that these exploits have been blown out of proportion. But what is true is that the CPU manufacturers are to blame for such a thing, and nobody else. Should TruckersMP have had a server of their own that no other users have access to. In a perfect world, yes. But who would pay for that?
  12. Happy new year guys! :D 

    1. ^Dominik^


      Thank you and you too !!!

    2. i z m

      i z m

      Thanks mate! Happy new year! ^_^

  13. Happy birthday! ;) 

  14. Happy Birthday bro! :)

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