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  1. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    Restricted Zone for Double Trailers

    very good
  2. Parabéns, tudo de bom e sempre.

    Separa uma parte de bolo lá pra mim, blz.:lol:

    1. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

      GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

      obrigado pia tmj

      cade o presente :lol::lol:


  3. admin natallia tentando manter a ordem em calais tarefa dificil kkkk


  4. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    double trailers

    So I spoke on another server exclusive to double trailers and the other servers play normally without the double trailers
  5. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    double trailers

    When they are going to insert double trailers in multiplayer, for years the developers show videos in the trailers, but they are not inserted into the game, I think they should create a server only to play with double trailers with some restrictions. Whoever wants to play with the doubles would enter a server and whoever does not want to play with the double trailers plays on another server normally Video: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-TNFMyk6JE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNIn_P8wxmw
  6. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    Double trailers for ETS2MP?

    I think that the double trailers should be deployed more with some restrictions like not being able to give f7 hit, and traffic restriction in some cities like rotterdam
  7. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    Removal of Speed Limiter on South American Server

    excellent, thank you very much
  8. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO


    according to this video the double trailer would be available in 2015 but until now has not been released many people esntao anciosas to launch that has not yet happened, what should be done and create a server only with the double trailer for those who want to run with it but the main question and you guys will release?
  9. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    doble trailer should your on a single server

    many people are anxious about the release of the double trailer but many do not want to dis why it will mess up the game so I think the double trailer should only be on a server so who quisese run with it logava that served and those who do not quisese logava in regular private messenger
  10. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    0.1.6 R2 has been released.

  11. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    0.1.5 R5 has been released.

    nsl no speedlimiter eu 2??
  12. GMP[003] Q.R.A_DIEGO

    0.1.5 has been released.

    is expected to launch the double trailer offline or online ETS2 mp ??