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  5. @[RS]-Vemsky_919 hello. All data is updated automatically approximately once every three hours. If you want the data to be updated immediately, then you need to reformat and update the links on the site.
  6. Technical work on the server was completed. VTC.World Administration apologizes for the long wait and inconvenience caused.
  7. @Леха 34RUS, здравствуйте. О такой проблеме я ни когда не слышал. Но, возможно, при игре, вы нажимаете на горячие клавиши переключения каналов СВ радио. Убедитесь, что вы не нажимаете на клавиши: "Б"(<) или "Ю"(>). Клавиши "Б", "Ю" на русской раскладке и/или "<", ">" на английской раскладке отвечают за смену каналов СВ радио.
  8. @MUP76, здравствуйте. Выключение сезонных эффектов находится в настройках МП. И это вы должны сделать самостоятельно.
  9. Dear friends! To register new VTCW accounts, we remove the requirement for 50 hours of playtime for one of the games and permanently disable it. Now, the number of hours you played in ETS2 or ATS does not matter anymore. A TruckersMP account is also required, since VTC.World is a mod for TruckersMP. We wish you a pleasant game. Warm regards, VTC.World Team.
  10. Hello, truckers! We invite you to the event in honor of the anniversary of the release of VTC.World in open beta testing and ask you to support this event by voting for we apply request for a dedicated TruckersMP server. For more information, see the event description at the link: https://vtc.world/event/BCB67A77E7DA459E/ Thank you in advance! Warm regards, VTC.World Team.
  11. Dear friends! May this 2021 New Year be better than it's ever been, more fun than it's ever been known, better than any wish come true. Here is a wishing that the coming year is a glorious one that rewards all your future endeavors with success. Have a great New Year. Warm regards, VTC.World Team.
  12. Dear friends! We congratulate you on the upcoming New Year holidays, wish you the implementation of your ideas, go through the thorns and meet only noble and lucky people on the way! Today we decided to give another chance to users who have deleted their accounts. Now they won't have to wait a whole year. From 21:00 (UTC) on December 24, 2020, it will be possible for such users to re-register their accounts with a link to existing Steam accounts. The promotion does not apply to accounts deleted after the publication of this message. Warm regards, VTC.World Team.
  13. @77SlavaN77, здравствуйте. Ответ вы можете найти здесь:
  14. @BACARD1_59RUS, здравствуйте. Разработчики, как ни странно, знают что вышел новый патч игр ETS2 и ATS 1.38.ххх и они работают над адаптацией его для мультиплеера. А выйдет обновление: как только, так сразу.... и без промедления.
  15. @Artem_Gagarin, здравствуйте. Почитайте, пожалуйста, эту тему:
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