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  1. :mellow:  Some of these jobs are so freaking long my shoulder starts to hurt while driving.

  2. I will yield to ALL SNOWMOD USERs just focus on YOUR driving and do NOT worry about me please.

  3. Blingding snow ingame, blinding snow IRL, I can't win today :RIP:

  4. how does one forum again XD

  5. I love how so many china (chinese) players  do not care about rules, I wish something could be done.  I have yet to met one player from china that actually follows the rules.

    1. FernandoCR [ESP]

      FernandoCR [ESP]

      In EU#2? You are lucky !! I've yet to meet one player from anywhere that actually follows the rules... :lol:

    2. Odion


      What about turkish players? :0

  6. Living beside a real world trucking company is not all kitten and rainbows... : / 

  7. Sometimes I feel this game should be called Euro Truck Racing...:mellow:

  8. This update is great so many more things to do, remember to drive safe and above all have fun ^_^

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