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  1. Hello friends, So, how can I have those mods from the steam - workshop? If I subscribe which mod I want, I will see in the server or how I can make to use in the game? I am paste the link with mods which I want it from workshop
  2. I'm understand now, so I need DLC with Sweden?
  3. Where exactly man, show me which company etc ?
  4. Hello friends, So, I saw in the game this trailer with SCANIA text on each wall. So, can you explain me how can I have same trailer?
  5. Hello friends, So, first of all where should I report 2 apparent bugs? Well, first "bug" when I am driving and around me are another drivers 3 or 4 maybe my horn DON'T HORN! Try and testing I am say the "N" horn button... Another "bug" are when I am driving on the road with speed my engine is stopping, idk why but the engine is dead and start in few moments... so anyone help ? Thank you everyone
  6. Sure, then I understand the problem, I will be patient and waiting. Good luck to the developers good job and thank you for your hard work guys
  7. Hello friends, So, today I updated my game to 1.37 but I can't still play multiplayers on the servers, so what's the problems why we can't? We have problems and when will be fixed anyone know?
  8. Thank you, so I need to wait to make this update in 1.37? Also, I need to make update to my game and I can play MP ? Man I saw few oil tank trailers in the game sim2 and sim1, and I asking someone and they said something about save edit and also they said is allowed, so can you help me?
  9. Hello friends, So, I want to buy one oil tank trailer like all trailers, but I can't buy, I don't see where to buy or something in the trailers list, why? Please help me how I can own my personal oil tank trailer like this from image... Thank you for your help
  10. Thank you for follow me and also for help. ❤️

    1. Owen.


      Anytime :D Glad I could help out in some way! Best of look to you :)

  11. Sure, so I am ok with my account for now that's I want to know because I want to buy some DLC for me. Thank you everyone
  12. Thanks for the follow! ❤️

  13. Thank you for your answer, @LogRol I am posting you to see exactly this situation to telling me if my situation is bad?
  14. Hello friends, so I want to ask someone from staff if that my account can be permanent banned, because I saw now some rules and I got some idiotic bans (by my own mistake) in the game, and I need to know if my account in the game is compormised: 07 Mar 20:23 UTC Reason: Inappropriate Overtaking, Reckless Driving 29 Mar 2019 15:02 UTC Reason: Blocking 15 Oct 2018 14:59 UTC Reason: Inappropriate Overtaking So, someone can check my history profile and tell me if I can be safe with my account or in first mistake I can take permanent ban? I want to b
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