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  1. Viewpoints for ETS2 (Just like ATS viewpoints) Scania S770 engine Rework of UK Ireland map Higher traffic density Ability to exit your truck and move around Ability to move around your truck cab Snow weather More off-road tracks AI trucks with company skins More AI vehicles Older trucks (Scania 4 series) Smaller trucks (Scania P series)
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  8. 1. This is a REAL simulation game, not a racing game. Trucks in real life definitely can’t go 150kph otherwise they would have 150kph on their speedometer. If you want to unleash the power of your truck, then go on arcade server. 2. Basic science here, if a vehicle goes faster, then it would be more dangerous as it will make it harder to control your vehicle. E.g. distance to getting your vehicle to a stop is longer with higher speeds. 3. Speed and power is not a solution to everything, even though speed limits don’t completely get rid of accidents but does reduce the amount of accid
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