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  1. But now it has nothing to do with the original poll, which asked completely different questions...
  2. Latest update in the Spanish topic dates from 2019, it's clearly outdated. But it still shows the previous requirement, stating that applicants must have no more than 3 bans (it was "global" previously, it was changed later to "in the last 3 months"). The same thing seems to happen in the French version, from 2019 as well: "Ne pas avoir plus de 3 bannissements".
  3. When SCS launched the Convoy mode, many players stopped using TruckersMP, because now they can drive with friends and use mods, have NPC traffic, no speed limits and so on. It doesn't make sense to keep a second Simulation server when the first one is never full. I'm pretty sure that If for any reasons more people started playing with TruckersMP and Sim1 couldn't host all of them, Sim2 would be opened again.
  4. "We all have that question", but you didn't ask yours... Mine would be Developing Team: Any news/updates about the chance to have NPC traffic in the servers in a foreseeable future?
  5. §2.4 - Guida Contromano/Sorpasso Inappropriato* Guidare contromano nelle strade. Sorpassare un altro giocatore in una zona di basso FPS e/o aree altamente affollate e/o causare un incidente o mettere in pericolo gli altri giocatori. Questo include anche sorpassare in strade a doppio senso dove è presente un'alta densità di traffico, come per esempio nelle code.
  6. Even in single player, cops wouldn't pull you over to give a ticket, when "Police" is enabled in the Gameplay settings, the player is just issued fines when they speed (in some places), when they run a red light, hit NPC vehicles and so on. A sound and a message in the Route Advisor is all they get. Besides this, speeding tickets are only issued in some places, you can do a complete job speeding and not get a single fine, next one you can be fined as soon as you go over the limit, only because it just happened to be a "speed radar" in that place.
  7. Another advice: The speed limits are not what you see on the road signs, unless you are driving a car (and not even then, seeing the handling of the cars in TMP). Those signs are meant for cars/motorcycles, not for trucks. You can set your NAVSAT screen or Route Advisor to show the roads' speed limits for trucks and see the differences. But... When so many people seem to believe that "speed limit" is the 110 Km/h forced by the Simulation servers, all of these advices can only matter to those who are probably already aware of them... Sad but true (©Metallica)
  8. The reporting limit depends on the "score" of the reports sent. Declined reporst will most likely score negative, but accepted reports don't always score positive, they can simple score neutral, so they don't add to the limit (not sure if they can even score negatively). These would include most reports from the well-known crowded places, like Calais-Duisburg area or the Kirkennes quarry road in Promods. IIRC, it was made like that to prevent abuse from "report-hunters" that used to spend their time in those places and send reports for any single rule breaking they'd see.
  9. Make sure that your Steam profile's privacy settings are like in the image: Try again after that, you may need to wait 10-15 minutes for the changes to be fully updated.
  10. Noooo... Let them stay there as long as they want... It's what I always say, the more people in one place, the more that place will become a magnet for trolls. And everywhere else will be safer.
  11. Well, I'm sorry to tell you but I'm not excited at all. In fact, I don't intend to use this new feature, although I welcome it, anything that can improve TMP is good, as long as people use it properly (which remains to be seen with this DBus thing ). Too long doing World of Trucks jobs exclusively, I'm not going to change that, besides, I don't like the idea of having to register in another site and download an extra client only for something that I can do easier (and probably with better results), with a real bus simulation game. But hey, to each their own. I wish that everyone who decides to become a bus driver will enjoy it!
  12. I wonder how many people will lose their "excitement" if what I've read somewhere is correct... That buses will be limited at 90 or maybe even 80 Km/h...
  13. ^^^ My thoughts, more or less. I don't mind having buses in the game, there are Scouts since long ago and I made my peace with that. I will just not use the bus, same as I don't use the Scout or the alternating vehicles. If I want to drive a bus, I'll play a bus simulator. But to each, what they like best.
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