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  1. Welcome in the truckersmp!

  2. Olá @yukimitso_13_br, atualmente só há uma forma de conseguir cargas realmente sincronizadas no jogo, que é via Contratos Externos (Com a sua conta do WoT associada ao seu perfil de jogo), uma forma alternativa seria criando uma carga igual ao do seu amigo ou previamente planejada através de um aplicativo muito conhecido chamado Virtual Speditor, é um pouco mais complicado de usar o VS, mas funciona tão bem quanto. Espero ter ajudado.
  3. Congratulations beaterrrr ... 

    1. sQCF - Beater

      sQCF - Beater


  4. GCEE Convoy - November 9th

    Thanks for all participating companies and friend o/

    Also thank you for support: @ThiagoBR_, @DJFrontier 😻 and @Mike Dragon 🐲










  5. Today is another convoy day(or night), last week was GCEE's 3 year anniversary that happened on a dedicated server, I would like to thank all the participants, thanks also for the support given by @David Edson and @Mike Dragon, so congratulations to GCEE, look forward to many more birthdays!

    Here are some pictures:














  6. This could be an extra tab, which slides from top to bottom, showing all changes, or it could also be a link pointing to the topic Development Announcements.
  7. I already know that and also gave my opinion about it, I just explained something that our partner did not make clear.
  8. In the tag menu you only change the default radio channel as shown in the image below, so the change will only be applied after you restart the game, it will not change the current radio channel. To do this you need to open the tab by looking at the radio above in the cabin, then right-click to enable the yellow arrow and then change the radio channel by clicking the button next to the number like so.
  9. +1 It is amazing that this suggestion has been open for discussion for so many years without any updates, this is a great idea, could have already been implemented in the game. If you are missing details, I would like to ask permission to the creator @Lee98 to add my idea to his: If an icon with the player name (ID) appears in the upper left corner while someone is talking on CB radio(inside the range), then the "typing" icon could be placed in the lower left corner just below the chat(inside the same range).
  10. I understand your point, but consider that the command will be applied only to the trailer, and as already stated in the description of the suggestion, "not necessarily the cargo inside" which will really give you the reward. So even if you can fix your trailer after an accident, you will still be penalized for damage to your cargo. Like so: If it were exactly as you say, then yes, that would be completely unfair, but the idea doesn't seem like that.
  11. There is many other ways to farm both, for example, editing saves, doing fast travel many times, but it's just optional, I don't see reasons to dislike it, just my opinion. Also, I see this suggestion being very well accepted by those who just play and don't interact here in the forum.
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