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  1. Definitely manual. You can speak with the engine with manual. With automatic you can just hear the engine but not speak with it. With manual transmission you can interact with the engine way better. With automatic it's actually very boring to drive. In rally or racing games I would choose automatic because you are faster with it but in this type of game the better way to go is to play with manual gearbox.
  2. We spend our free time not only to play but also to keep it (TruckersMP multiplayer mod) alive! Don't forget this. You spend your free time to serve us as a community, we spend our free time to enjoy your mod. But how we should enjoy it, when you set apparently unfair rules which makes the game less enjoyable for the majority of the players? Is it fair to limit the joy of players which play mostly fair with a speedlimit of 110km/h? We as a community play on your servers and we use your service.. and I and many others out there are very thankful for that opportunity! But you are supposed to serve us and be thankful for our "service" on your servers as well! Because without us, the TruckersMP forums and online servers would be pretty empty. Keep this in mind. And you should consider that it's not fair and right to decite significant gameplay changes without the votes of the community. Was there any vote about the speedlimit? Was there any vote about anything related to the gameplay and rules? You decited everything behind our backs. And that's not fair. This is not democratic. That's a communism and dictator behavior. The only thing that is allowed here is to give feedback and nothing else. We can not even vote about important changes. "be able to see the bigger picture and not only see what matters for yourself or a closed circle of people." ??? Closed circle of people? I see almost every 2nd negative opinion about your rule changes. And it's not about me.... it's about the community! I speak not only for me... I speak for the communty.
  3. It could be very simple but instead the TruckersMP responsible staff thinks too complicated. I already posted here about an idea where collisions deactivating when you drive faster than 50km/h or even 110km/h and when you drive less than the 2 speed values then collisions activating automatically. This would stop many, many accidents on road. And an additional idea would be to activate no collisions for players who stay and who are not moving for longer than 10 seconds. This would also reduce blocked roads as well. I really belive and think that this would be more effective than any strict rules, reports, bans or whatsoever.
  4. It could be sooo simple... If you drive more than 50km/h then your Truck/Scout activates the Ghost Car feature of the mod. If you drive less than 50km/h then your Truck/Scout deactivates the Ghost Car feature. Where is the problem? The arcade server should be removed and there should be just one main server with the same 50km/+/- Ghost Car ON/OFF option. No bans, no angry behavior, no frustration, no strikt rules needed. Easy ;-)
  5. At least that's a proper solution to just filter out the trolls who blocking important roads on the ETS2 map. Only honest drivers, fair and experianced should have the permission to drive with collissions enabled. Keep in mind that (for example) from 100% of players who passing for example the C-D road just 2% keep blocking and the rest is honest. So why not take away them who are among the 2% the permission to have colissions on? 98% are ok so they can drive with collisions enabled. I guess that this kind of a solution is the best for all of us. Because I for example play ETS2 for like 5 years but I play ETS2 MP for not even a year! But I would not have any problems to drive without permission to make a collission because it's not my intention to collide with someone ..so what. ;-) I can live with it. I think we're all need to be honest to ourselfes and ask ourselfes if we want to collide with someone. I know that collissions are realistic but keep in mind that this simulation game is still a game and fun comes first in my opinion. If we have less fun because someone is blocking us then we don't need peoples who have the permission to ram other players. It's not the right way to make the rules more strict and reduce the speedlimit even more. This kind of strategy is leading to frustration and this can lead to less players on servers.
  6. Disable collissions for players who have an account on TruckersMP for less than 2 years. Or kicks or bans in the last 6 months.
  7. It's not only about ME.... it's about the COMMUNITY as a whole!! Is it sooo hard to understand?? OMG You're showing ZERO understanding in this case. Like most of the staff. Please DO something in favor for the complaining majority!! You just reply and say "Ok we listen to the players and you can not... and you can not this... and that ...BUT we had to do it in order to...." Hey... that's NOT the way to get a solution! Ding, ding, ding! You hear this ringing finally? The community is talking to you! Wake up! Tell the higher staff to start a public vote about rules and gameplay changes in the next 2 weeks. And then WE can decide. No matter what the outcome is going to be.
  8. And? Have they changed something for good? NO... Reply is one thing.... consider and take further steps is another. If you really want to make the difference then make sure you let the players vote about changes wether rules or gameplay related stuff. When you think that deciding rules and gameplay is a task alone of the staff members then it's your thing. BUT don't be surprised when player numbers going down! Because at the end WE decide to play here and WE have to accept the rules. But when the rules are not like we want then WE have also the right to say "We're done here boys and girl's let's get out of here." So don't be surprised when players going away just because your decisions which were not set up with the rest of the gaming community.
  9. That's absolutely right! BUT in communication with the community and not without! Because they (TMP staff) have the obligation and it should be their duty to serve the community in first priority. Not second or third! Out wishes and critics should be heared and be taken serious! I don't have the impression that this is going to happen at the moment and any time in the future. At least it looks like it for me and many other players at this moment.
  10. Looks like that's a point. Aha so you count yourself to Fraction 1? Then you accept everything and also the misery. Congratulations! So Fraction 2 is the 2nd large Group? Maybe you blind or something but the truth looks opposite! Looks like you just speak for yourself.... I speak not for myself.... I speak for the majority! And the truth is that the majority don't want this rules. What annoys me the most is that the TMP responsibles are not letting the community vote about specific rule changing... that's nuts! I want and for sure a lot of players here a fair democratic vote system in this community. That's all. I mean.... was there a public vote about change the speedlimit to 110km/h? Was there a public vote about changing the servers from Euro to simulation and arcade? Was there a public vote at all about anything that was related to the rules and servers? The answer is clearly NO. And that's SAD. As long as I have a feeling that I as a player can vote and help to change something for positive and better it's fine. But when I see that some peoples decide for theiself and letting the players of the majority not know.. well... that's just wrong. At the end of the day the only reason why TMP exists are the simple players and NOT the TMP staff. The responsible staff is small compared to the majority of players here. Without US as a community this project would not survive more than 5 years from now! Because WE as a whole bringing life into the servers day by day and not an admin or a manager or whatever. TMP exists because WE keep it alive. And sorry you can not deny this fact! WE keep it alive but on the other hand WE can kill it and bring it to the end. ;-)
  11. I really don't know in which world you live in.. but I'm not that type of person who lives in a world where you have to accept everything. It's not too complicated and you don't need to be perfect to understand some issues to change something for good! And that's the problem of some peoples including you. Looks like you just accept what you get. You don't even fight for something to change it for a better situation. Maybe you have a wrong mindset in your brain. If you are not on my side then you are not on the side of the community. Because I really want to change something and I know already what and how but it's not my mod and I'm not responsible for the misery. I'm just a simple player like you and thousands of other here. But when things get wrong then I start to speak about it and complain instead of accept negativ things and sit tight and quiet. But one thing is for sure... peoples will stay away of this mod and community when the rules will remain the same or get even worse. The solution is not to lose players... the solution is to gain and keep players who are already playing. That's the way to go! Is it soooo hard to understand?
  12. It looks like the responsible members who decited the rules don't even have a driver license. lmao To be honest... I really hope that SCS will release a multiplayer for their own Euro Truck Simulator 3 game. Because I have enough and many players in this community have enough of this incompetent type of admins and rule makers who don't even apparently know and obey the real traffic rules. On one side they want to make the game more realistic in terms of rules and gameplay experiance and on the other hand they don't even realise that they destroying the community which is one reason why many players refuse to play this multiplayer mod again. Another negative point in this discussion is that many admins, support managers, admin game moderators and leaders of the team are spoiled by theirself and they treating the normal members of the community like trash... they ignoring important feedback and critics and they refuse any assistance to improve the overall game experiance... the feedback option is pretty much useless. They just read your concerns and say "bye bye" and that's all. You know... this is not the way to go.. I'm now on the side of the players and clearly against ignorant and incompetent admins. They break so many rules so many times it's insane. We should come and ban every single one of them who are not on the side of the community. They are supposed to serve the communty... instead they ignoring them. That's a crime and an attack against the loyal community. Please use the hashtag #freeTMPcommunity
  13. Ist vielleicht die Winter Mod noch installiert? Es gab noch eine Mod wo man die Glätte noch dazu simuliert bekommen hat. Alles zusammen war Teil der Winter Modifikation. Ich würde den "mod" Ordner mal überprüfen (zu finden unter "Dokumente" -> "ETS2MP" -> "mod") und alles was mit "frosty_physics_7_01.scs" zu tun hat mal löschen und es erneut probieren.
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