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  1. But if I have several penalties in history of more than 1 year, can I apply?
  2. And the ones who found all the eggs? Not a badge?
  3. Well, as I understand it only applies to trailers ....? but there are especially turkish players that even have 3 front bumpers and no ... they are still running en route and more those who think that their trucks look cute (Truck Mafia, OhaEdition, Latin Edition etc etc) when they are really an abomination, in real life you will never see such absurd modifications. I do not know if they will be retarded or mentally ill, but I do not like those players, in addition to running on CD as if it were Need For Speed, and overtaking in a quite dangerous way. They should integrate the old rules regarding trucks, because you kind of give free steps to those players with the save edit, i have seen them, they do not generate lag, but the excess of accessories inside a single truck.
  4. I hope you read the opinions and suggestions of others. Greetings and Good route!
  5. Bro, please reply inbox i need help

  6. okay. thank you, I only comment to try to fix the problem of Heavy Cargo Pack, with the train and the Dozer.
  7. Hello friend, please close the feedback on my profile.

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